What is the Directory?

The Directory contains contact information for students, faculty, and staff at Middlebury. For student records, the campus telephone number and class year are accessible only by computers on the Middlebury network and the mailbox address is shown in place of the residence hall location.

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How do I Look Up someone in the Directory?

  1. Enter any information you know about the person you are looking for in the search form.
    • If you only enter part of the person's name, it will find anyone whose name contains those letters (entering "jo" will return anyone named "Joe", "John" and people with last names such as "Johnson").
    • When searching by phone numbers, enter the person's four digit extension.
    • When searching for a student by their postal address, only enter their box number.
  2. When you have entered the information, click Search. If only one person in the directory matches the information, you will be shown their entry. Otherwise, you will be presented with a list of possible matches.
  3. Click on the desired name to view the directory information associated with that person.

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How do I Change my Directory Information?

You may update your photo, web page, office hours, fax numbers, and pager number directly in the Directly.

For all other information, Faculty and Staff should contact Human Resources. Middlebury College students should contact their Class Dean. Middlebury Institute students should contact the Records Office.

  1. Visit the Directory's Change Information page.
  2. Enter your Middlebury username in the Username field, this is the first part of your @middlebury.edu e-mail address.
  3. Enter your Middlebury password in the Password field.
  4. Click Continue. After the system has verified your identification, a form with your Directory information will appear.
  5. Change the fields that you want by entering information in the text boxes provided.
  6. Click Change Information. A notice confirming the information change will be displayed.

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How do I Upload a photo for my Directory listing?

All Middlebury faculty, staff and students have listings in the Directory. By default, the shield is displayed with your information rather than your photo. However, you have the ability to change your settings so that your ID photo is displayed in its place. To change the default please see the Photo Viewing Permissions section below.

You will be informed via email when your photo is approved so you may update your Directory settings to display your picture. If you have questions about this service, please contact publicsafety@middlebury.edu.

These are the guidelines that you need to follow to ensure that your photo can be uploaded to our system and serve as an appropriate form of identification.

  • You should be the subject of the photo, not the area where the photo was taken.
  • You should be facing the camera with a neutral expression.
  • Please refrain from using filters and photo effects.
  • Do not use a watermarked photo from a professional studio.
  • Photo should be taken a distance no greater than 10 feet from your face.
  • Photos must be of only yourself - no group photos.
  • Photos must have ample space around your head so we can crop them to fit.
  • Do not crop yourself out of a group photo.
  • Photos cannot include hats or sunglasses (however cultural attire is acceptable).
  • Allowed file types: jpg jpeg
  • No larger than 4MB in size.

Middlebury reserves the right to reject any photo it believes has inappropriate content.

Please note that it may take up to seven days for submitted photos to be available to the Directory.

If you need assistance scanning a photo to upload, or need to find a campus scanner, please visit the Helpdesk's Web site.

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How do I remove my Directory information?

Updates to the Directory need to be made through Human Resources for faculty and staff, through their Dean's office for Middlebury College students, or the Records Office for Middlebury Institute students. These changes will be inputted into the master record, from which the Directory pulls its information. Please note that students, faculty or staff making changes to their personal information may not see those changes reflected immediately in the Directory.

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Why is the Link to my Web Page not showing up?

The Web Page attribute in the Directory has a limit of 64 characters, if your Web Page address is longer than this, we will not be able to store the value in the Directory. GO links may be used instead.

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