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Need the phone number or location for a Department, Office, or Organization? These are listed in the Department Directory [PDF].

NameTypeDept / Dean
Abbott, Steve FacultyMathematics
Abdalla, Mahmoud I. FacultyLanguage Studies
Abe, Sayaka FacultyJapanese Studies
Abel, Martin FacultyEconomics
Affolter, Tara L. FacultyEducation Studies
Alasiri, Faisal A. FacultyInternational and Global Studies
Albarran, Raquel FacultySpanish and Portuguese
Allen, David N. FacultyBiology
Allen, Holly M. FacultyAmerican Studies
Allred, Benjamin G. FacultyHistory of Art & Architecture
Aloni, Oz FacultyReligion
Amidon, William H. FacultyGeology
Anderson, Carrie (Art History) FacultyHistory of Art & Architecture
Anderson, Douglas B. (Doug) FacultyMusic
Anderson, Molly FacultyFood Studies
Andrews, Christopher P. FacultyComputer Science
Anthony, Zane Henry FacultyHistory of Art & Architecture
Anzali, Ata FacultyReligion
Armanios, Febe FacultyHistory
Arndt, Jason D. FacultyPsychology
Artunc, Cihan FacultyEconomics
Ash, Lauren FacultyBiology
Ayoub, Dima FacultyArabic
Backus, Vickie FacultyBiology
Baird, Brandon O. FacultySpanish and Portuguese
Baker, Andrew Nathan FacultyFilm and Media Culture
Baker-Medard, Mez FacultyEnvironmental Studies
Baldridge, Cates FacultyEnglish and American Literatures
Baldridge, Susan Campbell FacultyPsychology
Barrow, Ian J. FacultyHistory
Bartlett, Jeannie FacultyEnvironmental Studies
Bartlett, Stever FacultyAthletics
Beaney, Bill FacultyAthletics
Bennette, Rebecca A. FacultyHistory
Berazneva, Julia FacultyEconomics
Berg, James E. FacultyEnglish and American Literatures
Besser, Lorraine L. FacultyPhilosophy
Bevere, Kelly A. FacultyAthletics
Bhave, Maya E. FacultySociology
Biancosino, Michole A. FacultyTheatre
Billings, Timothy James FacultyEnglish and American Literatures
Biswas, Amitava FacultyFinance and Enterprise Management, Prof of the Practice
Bleich, Erik FacultyPolitical Science
Boddie, Gerald N. (Ro) FacultyTheatre
Borni, Karima W. FacultyDance
Bradbury, David FacultyFinance and Enterprise Management, Prof of the Practice
Brancoli Busdraghi, Ilaria FacultyItalian
Brayton, Daniel G. FacultyEnglish and American Literatures/Environmental Studies
Bremser, Priscilla S. FacultyMathematics
Breton, Jocelyn Marie FacultyPsychology
Briggs, Amy J. FacultyComputer Science
Bright, Kristin FacultyAnthropology
Broucke, Pieter FacultyMahaney CFA
Brown, Christal FacultyDance
Brown, Jeff FacultyAthletics
Brudvik, Kyle R. FacultyFirst Year Seminar
Buettner, Jeff G. FacultyMusic
Bunt, Rick FacultyChemistry & Biochemistry
Burch, Susan FacultyAmerican Studies
Burnham, Louisa A. FacultyHistory
Burt, Derrick Edward FacultyGeography
Butler, James P. FacultyStudio Art
Byers, Jeff FacultyChemistry & Biochemistry
Byker, Tanya S. FacultyEconomics
Byrne, Samuel C. (Sam) FacultyBiology
Callanan, Keegan F. FacultyPolitical Science
Camara, Soriba FacultyDance
Campbell, David J. FacultyAthletics
Cannavo, Maja FacultyComputer Science
Caplan, Philip FacultyComputer Science
Caputi, David C. FacultyAthletics
Cardon, Allison FacultyEnglish and American Literatures
Carletti, Sandra FacultyItalian
Carpenter, Jeffrey P. FacultyEconomics
Cason, Jeffrey W. FacultyProvost's Office
Cassarino, Stacie L. FacultyFirst Year Seminar
Castaneda, Luis H. FacultySpanish and Portuguese
Cave, Clinton FacultyNeuroscience
Cerf, Barak FacultyHebrew Academic Year
Chakrani, Brahim FacultyArabic School
Chang, Cecilia FacultyChinese School
Chaplin, Jane D. FacultyClassics
Chavez, Jason (Meshi) FacultyDance
Christie, Heather Mason FacultyNeuroscience
Christman, Ananya D. FacultyComputer Science
Clinton, Maggie FacultyHistory
Cluss, Bob FacultyChemistry & Biochemistry
Coe, Kirsten K. FacultyBiology
Cohen, Einav FacultyHebrew Academic Year
Cohen, Robert J. FacultyEnglish and American Literatures
Colander, David C. FacultyFinance and Enterprise Management, Prof of the Practice
Collaer, Marcia L. FacultyPsychology
Combelles, Catherine M. FacultyBiology
Considine, Matthew FacultyFinance and Enterprise Management, Prof of the Practice
Costanza-Robinson, Molly S. FacultyEnvironmental Studies/Chemistry & Biochemistry
Cotts, Benjamin Lawrence (Ben) FacultyChemistry & Biochemistry
Craven, Carolyn L. FacultyEconomics
Crawford, Kathryn (Kate) FacultyEnvironmental Studies
Crocker, Amanda J. FacultyNeuroscience
Crodelle, Jennifer FacultyMathematics
Cronise, Kim FacultyPsychology
Crouzieres-Ingenthron, Armelle FacultyFrench
Dahlgren, Craig P. FacultyBiology
Dash, Carolyn B. FacultyBiology
Dash, Michael B. (Mike) FacultyPsychology
Davis, Darien J. FacultyHistory
Davis, Erin J. FacultyFilm and Media Culture
Davis, James Calvin (Professor) FacultyReligion
Davis, Khyree FacultyCollege Academic Affairs
Davis, Kyoko H. FacultyJapanese Studies
De Biaji Moreira, Maria Luci (Luci) FacultyPortuguese School
DeLorenzo, Katharine FacultyAthletics
DeSimone, Susan M. FacultyBiology
Dickerson, Matthew (Computer Science) FacultyComputer Science
Dickinson, Matt (Political Science) FacultyPolitical Science
Dobreva, Nikolina I. FacultyFilm and Media Culture
Dooley, John A. FacultyPolitical Science
Doran, Justin FacultyReligion
Dorman, David R. FacultyMathematics
Dovey, Cole M. FacultyChemistry & Biochemistry
Doyle, Kathy FacultyEnvironmental Studies
Draper, Alexander F. FacultyTheatre
Dry, Murray P. FacultyPolitical Science
Du, Hang FacultyChinese
Dube, Michele K. FacultyChemistry & Biochemistry
Dunn, Thomas FacultyFrench
Durst, Michael E. FacultyPhysics
Eggleston, Erin M. FacultyBiology
Elias, Alexander D. (Alex) FacultyAthletics
Eppelsheimer, Natalie FacultyGerman
Ernstrom, Glen G. FacultyBiology/Neuroscience
Essig, Laurie L. FacultyGender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies
Evancho, Mark FacultyTheatre
Evans, Deb FacultyAmerican Studies
Fadlon, Refael FacultyHebrew Academic Year
Feiereisen, Florence A. FacultyGerman
Feldman, Irina FacultySpanish and Portuguese
Feldman, Ravit FacultyHebrew Academic Year
Fernandez, Miguel A. FacultyInstitutional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Fieldhouse, Andrew Jack FacultyEconomics
Fil, Alla Nickolajevna FacultySpanish and Portuguese
Findlay, Angus FacultyPhysics
Finkelstein, Richard FacultyGlobal Health
Finney, Carolyn FacultyEnvironmental Studies
Fischer, Logan FacultyChemistry & Biochemistry
Fitzsimmons, James FacultyAnthropology
Foley, John FacultyComputer Science
Foutch, Ellery E. FacultyAmerican Studies
Fram, Daniel Hutter FacultyPolitical Science
French, Michael FacultyChemistry & Biochemistry
Fuentes-George, Kemi FacultyPolitical Science
Fullman, Nancy FacultyGlobal Health
Ganiban, Randall T. FacultyClassics
Garcia, Enrique FacultySpanish and Portuguese
Garrison, Eliza B. FacultyHistory of Art & Architecture
Gaulan, Yael FacultyHebrew Academic Year
Gauvin-Coulombe, Raphaelle FacultyEconomics
Gazit, Zohar FacultyInternational and Global Studies
Gerke, Markus FacultySociology
Gervich, Curt FacultyMiddlebury School of the Environment
Giaimo, Genie FacultyCenter for Teaching Learning & Research
Glikman, Eilat FacultyPhysics
Goldman, Shalom L. FacultyReligion
Gong, Erick J. FacultyEconomics
Gonzalez Zenteno, Gloria Estela FacultySpanish and Portuguese
Goodsell, Anne L. FacultyPhysics
Gottshall, Karin M. FacultyEnglish and American Literatures
Gould, Rebecca Kneale FacultyEnvironmental Studies
Graf, Roman FacultyGerman
Graham, Noah M. FacultyPhysics
Grasswick, Heidi FacultyFinance and Enterprise Management, Prof of the Practice
Graves, Benjamin S. FacultyEnglish and American Literatures
Greeley, Robert W. B. FacultyArabic
Gregg, Amanda G. FacultyEconomics
Gumuscu, Sebnem FacultyPolitical Science
Gupta, Hemangini FacultyGender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies
Gurland, Suzanne T. FacultyPsychology
Halpern, Sue FacultyEnglish and American Literatures
Hamberlin, Larry D. FacultyMusic
Hamilton, Allan David FacultyHistory of Art & Architecture
Hammerle, Melissa A. FacultyEducation Studies
Hamre, Andrea K. M. FacultyEnvironmental Studies
Han, Chong-suk FacultySociology
Hansen, Robert W. FacultyAthletics
Harden, Carol Patricia FacultyGeography
Hardy, Ruth E. FacultyPolitical Science
Hart, Dana FacultyHistory of Art & Architecture
Hascal, Sara FacultyHebrew School
Hatjigeorgiou, Maria FacultyClassics/Religion
Herb, Guntram FacultyGeography
Herdman, Chris FacultyPhysics
Hess, Paul FacultyPhysics
Higa, Mario A. FacultySpanish and Portuguese
Hodgdon, Claire Frances FacultyCreative Writing
Hoffman, Stephen L. FacultyEducation Studies
Holler, Joseph R. FacultyGeography
Holmes, Jessica A. FacultyEconomics
Horn, Rebecca W. FacultyEnvironmental Studies
Horning, Nadia R. FacultyInternational and Global Studies
Houpt-Varner, Lindsay FacultyHistory
Howarth, Jeff T. FacultyGeography
Hsiang, Harrison W. FacultyNeuroscience
Huang, Shuching (Shu-Ching) FacultyChinese
Huang, Viola FacultyCollege Academic Affairs
Huckett, Dayve J. FacultyApplied Music Instruction
Hussein, Mohamed FacultyEconomics
Isham, Jon FacultyEconomics/Environmental Studies
Jacobel, Allison FacultyGeology
Jenkins, Laurel FacultyDance
Johnson, Andrew R. FacultyAthletics
Johnson, Bertram N. (Bert) FacultyPolitical Science
Johnson, Peter C. FacultyComputer Science
Johnston, Christina FacultyEducation Studies
Joo, Rachael FacultyAmerican Studies
Kafumbe, Damascus FacultyMusic
Kan, Elianna FacultyComparative Literature
Kang, Sahie FacultyKorean School
Karpman, Kara FacultyMathematics
Keathley, Christian M. FacultyFilm and Media Culture
Khalifa, Kareem FacultyPhilosophy
Kim, Peter T. FacultyAthletics
Kimambo, Niwaeli E. FacultyGeography
Kimble, Matthew O. FacultyPsychology
Kimmel, Shelby FacultyComputer Science
Klein, Hedya FacultyStudio Art
Klyza, Christopher McGrory FacultyPolitical Science/Environmental Studies
Koltai, Gabriella FacultyGeology
Krasco, KJ FacultyAthletics
Kraus, Michael FacultyPolitical Science
Krusell, Karl William FacultyClassics
Kubacki, Michaela J. FacultyMathematics
Lapin, Marc FacultyEnvironmental Studies
Larrabee, Jim FacultyChemistry & Biochemistry
Lawrence, Matt FacultySociology
Lee, Catherine Grace FacultyCurriculum
Leftheris, Michelle FacultyStudio Art
Leonard, Mike FacultyAthletics
Lesta Garcia, Laura FacultySpanish and Portuguese
Lev, Michal FacultyHebrew Academic Year
Levi, Anat FacultyHebrew Academic Year
Lewis, Mark A. FacultyAthletics
Lewis, Orion A. FacultyPolitical Science
Liebhaber, Samuel J. FacultyArabic
Linderman, Michael D. FacultyComputer Science
Lint Sagarena, Roberto FacultyAmerican Studies
Livesay, Kathryn Perine (Kate) FacultyAthletics
Losano, Antonia J. FacultyEnglish and American Literatures
L'Roe, Jessica E. FacultyGeography
Luna, Lisa Victoria FacultyGeology
Lunge, Robin FacultyEconomics
Lunstead, Jeffrey J. FacultyPolitical Science
Lyford, Alex FacultyMathematics
Magri, Anne-Marie FacultyFinance and Enterprise Management, Prof of the Practice
Malcolm-White, Emily FacultyMathematics
Maluccio, John FacultyEconomics
Mandigo, Bill FacultyAthletics
Mandigo, Douglas T. FacultyAthletics
Manrique-Gomez, Marta FacultySpanish and Portuguese
Mao, Joyce FacultyHistory
Markham, Lauren E. FacultyCreative Writing
Marshall, Judith FacultyInternational and Global Studies
Matas, Jared FacultyHebrew Academic Year
Matthew, George Jr. FacultyMusic
Matthews, Peter H. FacultyEconomics
Matthias, Bettina U. FacultyGerman
Mayer, Tamar FacultyGeography
Mayhew-Bergman, Megan FacultyEnglish and American Literatures
McCallum, Jamie K. FacultySociology
McCauley, Michelle FacultyPsychology
McKibben, William (Bill) FacultyEnvironmental Studies
McLeod, John H. FacultyHistory of Art & Architecture
Meader, Benjamin Turner (Ben) FacultyGeography
Medeiros, Claudio FacultyTheatre
Mendoza, Elsa FacultyHistory
Merrill, Jason A. FacultyRussian School
Miller Wegman, Kyra FacultyDance
Miller, Catherine FacultyPhysics
Miller-Lane, Jonathan W. FacultyEducation Studies
Millier, Brett FacultyEnglish and American Literatures
Milutin, Otilia FacultyJapanese Studies
Miranda Hardy, David FacultyFilm and Media Culture
Mitchell, Rebecca A. FacultyHistory
Mittell, Jason S. FacultyFilm & Media Culture/American Studies
Moeller, Robert FacultyPsychology
Monod, Paul FacultyHistory
Monroe, Kate FacultyChinese
Moody, Eric FacultyBiology
Moorti, Sujata FacultyFaculty Development and Research
Moran, Thomas E. FacultyChinese
Morrison, Elizabeth A. FacultyReligion
Morse, Kathryn T. FacultyHistory/Environmental Studies
Morsman, Amy Feely FacultyHistory
Moss, Kevin M. FacultyRussian/Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies
Mula, Stefano FacultyItalian
Munro, David R. FacultyEconomics
Munroe, Jeff FacultyGeology
Mychajliw, Alexis M. FacultyBiology/Environmental Studies
Myers, Caitlin M.K. FacultyEconomics
Napier, Harriet G. G. FacultyAnthropology
Nash, Will (Professor) FacultyAmerican Studies/English and American Literatures
Nelson, Joshua D. FacultyPolitical Science
Nelson, Peter (Geography) FacultyGeography
Nevins, Marybeth E. FacultyAnthropology/Linguistics
Newbury, Michael R. FacultyAmerican Studies/English and American Literatures
Ngaiza, Natasha FacultyFilm and Media Culture
Nguyen, Tim FacultyFinance and Enterprise Management, Prof of the Practice
Nunley, Charles A. FacultyFrench
Nurok, Alison B. FacultyBiology
O'Brien, Katherine FacultyFirst Year Seminar
Olinick, Mike FacultyMathematics
Ortegren, Jennifer D. FacultyReligion
Owens, Linus FacultySociology
Oxfeld, Ellen D. FacultyAnthropology
Packert, Cynthia D. FacultyHistory of Art & Architecture
Parini, Jay FacultyEnglish and American Literatures
Parizeau, Ernie FacultyFinance and Enterprise Management, Prof of the Practice
Parker, Clarissa C. FacultyPsychology/Neuroscience
Pask, Gregory FacultyBiology
Patton, Laurie L. FacultyPresident's Office
Pauchet, Alix Marie Louise FacultyCurriculum
Pecsok, Steven R. FacultyEconomics
Peleg, Yaron FacultyHebrew Academic Year
Peterson, Bill FacultyMathematics
Pickens, John FacultyReligion
Pirone, John S. FacultyCurriculum
Poppe, Nicolas M. FacultySpanish and Portuguese
Porteous, Obie C. FacultyEconomics
Portice, Alexandra (Sasha) FacultyRussian
Portice, Timothy J. FacultyRussian
Pottorf, Shelly FacultyHistory of Art & Architecture
Poulin-Deltour, William J. FacultyFrench
Povitz, Lana Dee FacultyHistory
Prakash, Amit FacultyInternational and Global Studies
Pratt, David W. FacultyChemistry & Biochemistry
Price, David FacultyEnglish and American Literatures
Proctor, Emily B. FacultyMathematics
Puerta, Estefania FacultyStudio Art
Putterman-Kenett, Shelli FacultyHebrew Academic Year
Pyle, Will FacultyEconomics
Quinn, Erin C. FacultyAthletics
Ralph, Jim FacultyFaculty Development and Research
Ramaswamy, Sunder FacultyCollege Academic Affairs
Rao, Akhil FacultyEconomics
Ratcliff, Stephen J. FacultyPhysics
Raunecker, Sarah J. FacultyAthletics
Repka, Lindsay M. FacultyChemistry & Biochemistry
Richards, Douglas W. FacultyEnglish and American Literatures
Ringvald, Vardit FacultyHebrew Academic Year
Ritter, Bob FacultyAthletics
Roach-Gerber, Samantha (Sam) FacultyFinance and Enterprise Management, Prof of the Practice
Robbett, Andrea E. FacultyEconomics
Rocha, Fernando S. FacultySpanish and Portuguese
Rogers, Sarah A. FacultyHistory of Art & Architecture
Rohena-Madrazo, Marcos J. FacultySpanish and Portuguese
Rueppel, Robert F. FacultyAthletics
Russi, Roger FacultyFirst Year Seminar
Ryan, Peter Crowley FacultyGeology/Environmental Studies
Sainte-Claire, Linsey FacultyFrench
Saldarriaga, Patricia M. FacultySpanish and Portuguese
Saldivar, Matthew A. FacultyTheatre
Sanchez Saltveit, Olga FacultyTheatre
Sanchez, James Chase FacultyCenter for Teaching Learning & Research
Saper, Jay Austin FacultyCurriculum
Sargent, Kristina FacultyEconomics
Sassin, Erin E. FacultyHistory of Art & Architecture
Sasson, Ted FacultyInternational and Global Studies
Saulnier, Kyle FacultyMusic
Saunders, Richard H. FacultyMuseum
Scharstein, Daniel FacultyComputer Science
Schine, Robert S. FacultyReligion
Schmitt, John R. FacultyMathematics
Schrader, Matthew FacultyStudio Art
Schumer, Pete FacultyMathematics
Schwarz, Andrew M. FacultyInternational and Global Studies
Seehuus, Martin O. FacultyPsychology
Sefami, Jacobo FacultySpanish School
Sfyroeras, Pavlos FacultyClassics
Shammin, Fayza FacultyFilm and Media Culture
Shapiro, Shawna FacultyWriting & Rhetoric/Linguistics
Sheldon, Ryan Kaveh FacultyEnglish and American Literatures
Sheridan, Michael J. FacultyAnthropology
Siddiqi, Yumna FacultyEnglish and American Literatures
Silva, Daniel F. FacultySpanish and Portuguese
Simpson, Mary Jane FacultyChemistry & Biochemistry
Sinclair, Neil A. FacultyAthletics
Sloan, Stanley R. FacultyPolitical Science
Smith Abbott, Katy FacultyHistory of Art & Architecture
Smorodinska, Tatiana E. FacultyRussian
Snyder, Stephen B. FacultyMiddlebury Language Schools- VT Admin
Soltan, Usama FacultyArabic/Linguistics
Sommers, Paul M. FacultyEconomics
Spackman, John G. FacultyPhilosophy
Spatafora, Grace A. FacultyCurriculum
Spears, Tim FacultyAmerican Studies
Spritzer, Mark D. FacultyBiology
Stanger, Allison FacultyPolitical Science
Star, Christopher P. FacultyClassics
Stein, Irit FacultyHebrew Academic Year
Stein, Louisa E. FacultyFilm and Media Culture
Stoll, David M. FacultyAnthropology
Streblow, Phoebe W. FacultyStudio Art
Strier, Michal FacultyHebrew
Stroup, Sarah S. FacultyPolitical Science
Suarez, Dan FacultyEnvironmental Studies
Swenton, Frank FacultyMathematics
Tabuse, Motoko FacultyJapanese School
Takahashi, Masa FacultyJapanese Studies
Tan, Su Lian FacultyMusic
Tarjanyi, Peter FacultyGender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies
Taylor, Matthew Evan FacultyMusic
Teets, Jessica C. FacultyPolitical Science
Thomas, Virginia (Gina) FacultyPsychology
Thomsen, Carly A. FacultyGender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies
Thomson, Andrew Louis FacultyAthletics
Tiger, Rebecca FacultySociology
Torres, David FacultyFinance and Enterprise Management, Prof of the Practice
Tran, Trinh T. FacultyAnthropology
Tropp, Jacob A. FacultyHistory
Ulmer, Spring FacultyEnglish and American Literatures
Ultee, Elizabeth (Lizz) FacultyGeology
Uricaru, Ioana M. FacultyFilm and Media Culture
Urlaub, Per FacultyMiddlebury Language Schools- VT Admin
Vaccari, Andrea FacultyComputer Science
Van Gansbeke, Frank FacultyFinance and Enterprise Management, Prof of the Practice
Van Order, Thomas FacultyItalian
Vasiliou, AnGayle K. (AJ) FacultyChemistry & Biochemistry
Vazquez, Edward A. FacultyHistory of Art & Architecture
Veikley, Mira FacultyTheatre
Velez, Carlos FacultyInternational Programs and Off Campus Study
Verghese, Ajay FacultyPolitical Science
Vila, Hector J. FacultyCenter for Teaching Learning & Research
Viner, Steven E. FacultyPhilosophy
Vitek, William J. FacultyEnvironmental Studies
Vitti, Antonio C. FacultyItalian School
Waldron, William S. FacultyReligion
Walker, Matthew P. FacultyRussian
Wallner, Heimo FacultyStudio Art
Wang, Jennifer FacultyEnglish and American Literatures
Wang, Katherine Youhui FacultyChinese
Ward, Jeremy FacultyBiology
Ward, Max FacultyHistory
Warholic, Rebecca FacultyComputer Science
Watson, Susan K. FacultyPhysics
Weber, Julien FacultyFrench
Wegener, Tessa FacultyGerman School
Wells, Marion A. FacultyEnglish and American Literatures
West, David P. Jr. FacultyGeology
Weston, Tracy L. FacultyEducation Studies
White, Linda E. FacultyJapanese Studies
Wiebe, Carrie E. FacultyChinese
Wilkerson, Nicole B. FacultyAthletics
Williams, Mark E. FacultyPolitical Science
Wilson, Kim A. FacultyGlobal Health
Winfield, Lida D. FacultyDance
Winslett, Gary O. FacultyPolitical Science
Witkin, Marc S. FacultyClassics
Wizel, Maya FacultyHebrew Academic Year
Wolcott, Erin L. FacultyEconomics
Woodruff, Martha FacultyPhilosophy
Wright, Catharine W. FacultyWriting & Rhetoric/Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies
Wunnava, Phani FacultyEconomics
Wyatt, Don J. FacultyHistory
Xie, Liou FacultyMiddlebury School of the Environment
Xu, Wei He FacultyChinese
Yeaton, Dana A. FacultyTheatre
Yuen, Amy T. FacultyPolitical Science
Yuster, Alexandra FacultyInternational and Global Studies
Zhai, Zu Wei (Zu) FacultyNeuroscience
Zsombok, Gyula FacultyFrench
Zupan, Patricia (Pat) FacultyItalian

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Updates to the Directory need to be made through Human Resources for faculty and staff or through their Dean's office for students. These changes will be inputted into the College's master records, from which the Directory pulls its information. Please note that students, faculty or staff making changes to their personal information will not see those changes reflected in the Directory for approximately 7 days.

Information obtained from the Middlebury Directory may not be used to provide addresses for mailings to students, faculty or parents of students. This service is provided for information of the College community and those who have specific interest in reaching individual students or establishing their identity as students of Middlebury College. Any solicitation of business, information, contributions or other response from individuals listed in this publication by mail, telephone or other means is forbidden. Any unauthorized or inappropriate use of the photos or graphics contained within is forbidden.

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