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Need the phone number or location for a Department, Office, or Organization? These are listed in the Department Directory [PDF].

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NameE-mailPhoneTypeJob Title
Ammons, Kim kammons@middlebury.edu StaffCirculation Services Spec I
Antonioli, Joseph A. jantonio@middlebury.edu 802.443.3062StaffSenior Curricular Innovation Strategist
Ayres, Katherine Kellam kayres@middlebury.edu 802.443.5065StaffCirculation Services Coordinator, Reserves
Bernier, Doreen C. dbernier@middlebury.edu 802.443.5595StaffAssistant to Dean of Library
Black, Douglas M. dblack@middlebury.edu 802.443.3635StaffHead of Coll Mgmt
Buerge, Kaitlin May kbuerge@middlebury.edu 802.443.3028StaffSpecial Collections and Archives Fellow
Carson, Bryan P. bcarson@middlebury.edu 802.443.5341StaffWeb Services & Syst. Librarian
Clancy, Maura J. clancy@middlebury.edu 802.443.5494StaffCirculation Services Spec I
Clement, Ryan rclement@middlebury.edu 802.443.5493StaffData Services Librarian
Cyr, Kat kcyr@middlebury.edu 802.443.2009StaffInterlibrary Loan Associate
deCourval, Lexa M. decourva@middlebury.edu 802.443.5498StaffOffice Mgr. (NER), Circulation Services Specialist II
Driscoll, Sue sdriscol@middlebury.edu 802.443.2048StaffSr Collections Assoc
Ellis, Brenda E. bellis@middlebury.edu 802.443.5497StaffResearch & Instruction Librarian
Evans, Marlena K. mevans@middlebury.edu 802.443.2518StaffCatalog, Metadata, Mat Proc Sp
Faust, Virginia vfaust@middlebury.edu 802.443.2391StaffBinding and Conservation Technician & Government Documents Associate
Frazier, Amy I. aifrazier@middlebury.edu 802.443.5818StaffFilm & Media Librarian
Frostman, Daniel dfrostma@middlebury.edu 802.443.5928StaffCirculation Services Manager
Galletly, Leanne F. lgalletly@middlebury.edu 802.443.5140StaffUser Experience & Digital Scholarship Librarian
Guida, William James (Will) wguida@middlebury.edu 802.443.5928StaffCirculation Services Spec I
Gurney, Kimberly M. kgurney@middlebury.edu 802.443.2119StaffCirculation Services Spec II
Holzapfel, Arabella holzapfe@middlebury.edu 802.443.5284StaffElectronic Resources Mgr. & Library Systems Specialist
Houghton, Daniel E. dhoughton@middlebury.edu 802.443.5746StaffArts Technology Specialist
Irwin, Rebekah L. rirwin@middlebury.edu 802.443.3028StaffDirector and Curator, Special Collections & Archives
Koulopoulos, Bill bkoul@middlebury.edu 802.443.5002StaffDir, Academic Tech
Lynch, Michael S. lynch@middlebury.edu 802.443.5018StaffTemp Research & Instr Assist
Macfarlane, Carrie Miyoshi cmacfarl@middlebury.edu 802.443.5018StaffDirector of Research and Instruction
Manning, Rachel A. rmanning@middlebury.edu 802.443.5498StaffCoordinator, Interlibrary Loans
McCaffrey, Aurora D.S. amccaffrey@middlebury.edu 802.443.5494StaffCirculation Services Spec I
McDonald, Janine R. janinem@middlebury.edu 802.443.3287StaffCirculation Services Spec II
McHugh, Michele A. mchugh@middlebury.edu 802.443.2227StaffSenior Acquisitions Associate
McLaughlin, Lisa B. lmclaughlin@middlebury.edu 802.443.5061StaffCollections Associate
McMurray, Kathleen E. kmcmurray@middlebury.edu 802.443.5494StaffCirculation Services Spec I
Moody, Amy W. amoody@middlebury.edu 802.443.5928StaffCirculation Services Spec I
Munroe, Otis D. omunroe@middlebury.edu 802.443.5928StaffCirculation Services Spec I
O'Neil, Shawn sonei@middlebury.edu 802.443.3286StaffCirculation Services Specialist II
Podraza, Janine H. jpodraza@middlebury.edu 802.443.5928StaffCirculation Srvcs Spec I
Reynolds, Nancy G. reynolds@middlebury.edu 802.443.2614StaffCirculation Services Specialist II
Rougeau, Danielle M. rougeau@middlebury.edu 802.443.5634StaffAssist. Curator of Special Collections & College Archives
Roy, Michael D. mdroy@middlebury.edu 802.443.5490StaffDean of the Library
Shook, Wendy wshook@middlebury.edu 802.443.5799StaffScience Data Librarian
Simpkins, Terry W. tsimpkin@middlebury.edu 802.443.5045StaffDirector, Discovery & Access Services
Spencer, Katrina Lee kspencer@middlebury.edu 802.443.5949StaffLiteratures&Cultures Librarian
Stafford, Heather R. hstafford@middlebury.edu 802.443.5469StaffMultimedia/Curricular Tech
Sturtevant, Todd R. tsturtev@middlebury.edu 802.443.5475StaffCirculation Services Specialist II
Taylor, Mikaela amtaylor@middlebury.edu 802.443.3488StaffPostGrad Fellow-Spec Coll&Arch
Wallace, Patrick R. pwallace@middlebury.edu 802.443.3017StaffDigital Proj/Arch Librarian
Warner, Michael B. michaelw@middlebury.edu 802.443.5718StaffSenior Catalog Associate
Watson, Joseph jwatson@middlebury.edu 802.443.5487StaffPreservation Manager, Special Collections & Archives Associate

Please contact Human Resources with questions about updating your office or phone information. If you have questions about the Telephone or Voicemail system, please read the Faculty & Staff quick Telephone & Voicemail Reference.

Updates to the Directory need to be made through Human Resources for faculty and staff or through their Commons office for students. These changes will be inputted into the College's master records, from which the Directory pulls its information. Please note that students, faculty or staff making changes to their personal information will not see those changes reflected in the Directory for approximately 7 days.

Information obtained from the Middlebury Directory may not be used to provide addresses for mailings to students, faculty or parents of students. This service is provided for information of the College community and those who have specific interest in reaching individual students or establishing their identity as students of Middlebury College. Any solicitation of business, information, contributions or other response from individuals listed in this publication by mail, telephone or other means is forbidden. Any unauthorized or inappropriate use of the photos or graphics contained within is forbidden.

Technical questions regarding the Directory should be directed to Web Services at: webmaster@middlebury.edu.