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Need the phone number or location for a Department, Office, or Organization? These are listed in the Department Directory [PDF].

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NameE-mailPhoneTypeDept / CommonsJob Title
La Bella, Michael Joseph (Mike) mlabella@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
La Fontaine, Haley Anne hlafontaine@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
La Roche, Catherine Julia claroche@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Laallam, Abla alaallam@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Labalme, Eve Mcmullin elabalme@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
LaBounty, Kenneth P. klabounty@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5133StaffPublic SafetyTelecommunicator
LaBranche, Jacob Bassett (Jake) jlabranche@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Lackey, Peter H. plackey@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2538StaffFacilities ServicesCoord Contract Services
LaCross, Leah M. llacross@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5367StaffDining ServicesBanquet Waiter, On-Call
Ladago, Braden M. bladago@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2688StaffDining ServicesPrep Cook
Ladimer, Bethany ladimer@middlebury.edu Emeritus Professor Emerita of French
LaDuke, Ashley R. aladuke@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5336StaffDining ServicesHead Baker
LaDuke, Nick nladuke@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2688StaffDining ServicesCook
LaFave, Bryan S. blafave@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5133StaffPublic SafetyPublic Safety Officer
Lafave, Richard B. rlafave@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5250StaffAthleticsIce Rink Attendant
LaFlamme, Karen A. klaflamme@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2963StaffRetail Food OperationsManager, Retail Foods
Lafon, Becky rlafon@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Laframboise, Chris laframbo@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5713StaffDining ServicesCommons Chef
Lahaie, Jeff lahaie@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3142StaffInformation Technology ServicesSystems Administrator, Backup & Printing Specialist
Lahey, Benjamin Patrick (Ben) blahey@middlebury.edu  Student 
Laird, Hanna Armstrong halaird@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Laird, Karianne Meaker (KK) klaird@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Laird, Sandy slaird@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2709StaffFacilities Services-Bread LoafTeam Liaison, Custodial
Lakhanpal, Neel Marcos nlakhanpal@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
LaLiberte, Joseph David (Joey) jlaliberte@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Lally, Michael Anthony (Mike) mlally@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
LaLonde, Pierre J. plalonde@middlebury.edu StaffAthleticsChain Worker
Lam, Diana dianal@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Lamb, Jason G. jlamb@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5286StaffBread Loaf Writers' ConferenceCoord Bread Loaf Conferences
Lamb, Kelley B. klamb@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2034StaffOffice of AdvancementDonor Relations Events Mgr
Lambert, Bair sblambert@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Lambert, Bradley E. blambert@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5472StaffFacilities ServicesMason
Lamberti, Marjorie E. lamberti@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5081EmeritusHistoryCharles A. Dana Professor Emerita of History
Lamoretti, Maria M. mlamoret@middlebury.edu Schools AbroadInternational Programs & Off-Campus StudyAssistant Director, School in Latin America
Lamoureaux, Alex alamoureaux@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Lampe, George Davis glampe@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Lampman, Willa wlampman@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2502StaffCommunications and MarketingAdmin Coord, Comm
Landau, Arielle Sabrina alandau@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Landgren, Randy landgren@middlebury.edu Emeritus Professor Emeritus of Biology
Landis, Annika Madison alandis@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Landis, R. Matthew rlandis@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3484FacultyBiologyVisiting Scholar in Biology
Landis, Richard W. rwlandis@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2688StaffDining ServicesPart-time Servery/Utility
Lane, Mikki mlane@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2309StaffMuseum of ArtCoordinator of Events, Membership, and Academic Outreach
Lane, Stewart wlane@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3020StaffInformation Technology ServicesMedia Services Specialist II
Lang, Lucy llang@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Langaker, Carl Erik clangaker@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Langaker, Maud Cecilie Munch Thore mlangaker@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Langelaan, Samuel Nikolai (Sam) slangelaan@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Langerman, Jack jlangerman@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Langerman, Jennifer Elizabeth (Jenny) jelangerman@middlebury.edu  Student 
Langevin, Josef R. jrlangevin@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2688StaffDining ServicesPart-time Servery/Utility
Langford, Martha mlangford@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Langlois, James A. (Jim) jlanglois@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5084StaffFacilities ServicesTeam Liaison, Cust. Floor Crew
Langlois, Jessica G. jglanglois@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2700StaffFacilities Services-Bread LoafFront Desk Clerk, BLSE/WC
Langrock, Adela M. alangroc@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3440StaffPsychology/Planning and AssessmentDir of Assessment and Institutional Research
Lannoy, Thibault Hendrick William (Thibault (Tee-bo)) tlannoy@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Lantz, Asher Dale adlantz@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Lapin, Marc lapin@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3239FacultyEnvironmental StudiesAssistant Laboratory Professor in Environmental Studies
LaPlant, Pauline Y. plaplant@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5126StaffRetail Food OperationsSnow Bowl Snack Bar Supv
LaPointe, Sebastian Fort slapointe@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
LaPrade, Abbott Warren alaprade@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
LaPrise, Thatcher W. tlaprise@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2688StaffDining ServicesPart-time Servery/Utility
Lardinois, Laura Luna llardinois@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
LaRock, Audrey A. larock@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5539StaffLanguage Schools AdministrationSpanish School Graduate Coordinator
LaRock, Zachary John Thomas zlarock@middlebury.edu SUMMER GRAD 
Larocque, Ally M. alarocque@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2688StaffDining ServicesPart-time Servery/Utility
Larocque, Debra A. dlarocqu@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5084StaffFacilities ServicesCustodian
Larocque, Isaac M. ilarocque@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5084StaffFacilities ServicesFloater, Facilities Services
Larocque, Marsha A. mpierce@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5084StaffFacilities ServicesCustodian
Larocque, Sarah C. slarocque@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5395StaffBudget OfficeFinancial Analyst
Laroia, Avani alaroia@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
LaRose, Lisa J. llarose@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5404StaffOffice of the ProvostExecutive Asst. to the Provost
Larrabee, Jim larrabee@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5453FacultyChemistry and BiochemistryViola Ward Brinning & Elbert Calhoun Brinning Professor of Chemistry & Biochem
Larson, Judith Carlhian jclarson@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5367StaffDining ServicesBanquet Waiter On-Call
Lasnier, Karen D. klasnier@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5645StaffSciences Tech Support ServicesAsst Animal Care Technician
Lathrop, Elaine L. elathrop@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5360StaffBread Loaf School of EnglishOffice Manager/Campus Coord.
Lathrop, Eric E. eelathro@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5332StaffDining ServicesCook
Latifovic, Sabina slatifovic@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Latreille, Claudette K. clatreil@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5332StaffDining ServicesDining Room Servery Worker
Laurence, Gemma Felicia Lamport glaurence@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Laursen, Sarah slaursen@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5491FacultyHistory of Art & ArchitectureAsst Prof of History of Art & Arch; Curator, Asian Art
Laux, J. Ashley (Ashley) alaux@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3099StaffCenter for Community EngagementProgram Director, CCE
Laux, Matt mlaux@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3580StaffCenter for Community EngagementSpecial Purpose Driver
Lavallee, Muriel mlavallee@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Laverdiere, Danielle Marie dlaverdiere@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Lavery, Evan P. elavery@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Lavine, Sophie slavine@middlebury.edu  Student 
Lavoie, Devin M. dlavoie@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2688StaffDining ServicesRoss Servery/Utility
Lavoie, Mark D. mlavoie@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5221FacultyMusicApplied Music Faculty
Lawlor, Parker Bianco plawlor@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Lawrence, Charles Thomas (Charlie) ctlawrence@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Lawrence, Erin R. erlawrence@middlebury.edu (802) 443-7605StaffSki SchoolJunior Snow School Instructor
Lawrence, George E. gelawrence@middlebury.edu (802) 443-7605StaffSki SchoolSnow School Instructor A
Lawrence, Matt lawrence@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5182FacultySociology/AnthropologyAssistant Professor of Sociology
Lawrence, Peter Amos plawrence@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Lawson, Alexandra E. (Alex) al3@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Lawson, Tom lawson@middlebury.edu Emeritus Professor Emeritus of Physical Education
Lawton, Russ russl@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5221FacultyMusicApplied Music Faculty
Lawton, Shane I. silawton@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2428StaffRetail Food OperationsLead Cook
Lazzaro, Michelle mlazzaro@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Le Mesurier, Nicole Hui Min nlemesurier@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Leary, Dean W. dleary@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2158StaffCollege StoreTextbook Coordinator
Leaycraft, Thomas L. S. tleaycraft@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
LeBlanc, Cheryl A. cleblanc@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5372StaffStudent Financial ServicesTreasury Analyst
Lebowitz, Jared C. jclebowitz@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Ledingham, Sean David sledingham@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Leduc, J. Marcel G. jleduc@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5010StaffAthleticsFitness Center Morning Monitor
Leduc, Norma C. leduc@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2242StaffAthleticsAssistant Aquatics Director
Lee, Andrew G. al2@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2762StaffFacilities Services-Bread LoafMaintenance Worker, Bread Loaf
Lee, Beatrice Anne (Bea) balee@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Lee, Carissa Yan-Yi cylee@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Lee, Cindy L. clacroix@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2456StaffDining ServicesLaundry Coordinator
Lee, Eun Ho eunhol@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Lee, Forrester flee@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Lee, Haein haeinl@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Lee, Hiu-Tung Karen hklee@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Lee, Inez Jodi ijlee@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Lee, Isabelle Carola (Izze) iclee@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Lee, Scott E. slee@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5332StaffDining Services1st Cook
Leech, Brendan Aloysius bleech@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Leedy, Deborah Grace dleedy@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
LeFavour, Harriet Garner (Hattie) hlefavour@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Leftheris, Michelle mleftheris@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5234FacultyStudio ArtAssistant Professor of Studio Art
LeGardeur, Lea Isabelle llegardeur@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5856FacultyGeographyAssistant in Instruction in Geography
Legesse, Sharafuddeen Mohammed (Deen) slegesse@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Leggett, Joanne R. jleggett@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5388StaffAdmissionsSpecial Programs Coordinator
Legowski, Justin jlegowski@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Lehman, Michelle Veronica mlehman@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Lehner, Christian clehner@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Lehner, Madeleine M. (Maddie) mlehner@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Lei, Allan alei@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Leichter-Saxby, Morgan mleichtersaxby@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5403FacultySociology/AnthropologyWinter Term Faculty
Leidt, Madeline mleidt@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Leighton, Joseph Francis (Joe) jleighton@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Leiter, Sophia Hastings (Sophie) sleiter@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Lekhutle, kOle tlekhutle@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Lemal, Nimaya Grace nlemal@middlebury.edu  Student 
Leng, Russ leng@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5310EmeritusPolitical ScienceJames Jermain Prof. Emeritus of Political Econ. & Intl. Law
Lengyel, Ross P. rlengyel@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5472StaffFacilities ServicesHVAC, Refrigeration
Lenhard, Nora Katherine Novak nlenhard@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Leno, Brandi L. bleno@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5332StaffDining ServicesProctor Servery/Utility
Leno, Cindy Lee cleno@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5084StaffFacilities ServicesTeam Liaison, Custodial
Leno, Eric R. leno@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5472StaffFacilities ServicesSupervisor, Plumbing
Leno, Sam J. sleno@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2688StaffDining ServicesServery/Utility
Leno, Winston G. wleno@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5332StaffDining ServicesDining Room Servery Worker
Lentzou, Stergiani (Stella) slentzou@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Leon, Aumit aleon@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Leon, Edgar eleon@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Leonard, Anne Elizabeth (Annie) aleonard@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Leonard, Mike dleonard@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5264FacultyAthleticsHead Coach, Baseball
Leone, Nicolas nleone@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Lepinard, Lucas Cesar llepinard@middlebury.edu  Student 
Lepinard, Octave Sebastien olepinard@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Lerman, Ronit rlerman@middlebury.edu SUMMER GRAD 
Leshinsky, Jay A. jleshins@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5710StaffEnvironmental AffairsOrganic Farm Consultant
Leslie, Maxwell Scott mleslie@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Leslie, Nicholas Brandon nleslie@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Lesnau, Reyne Kyan rlesnau@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Lessing, Alexie (Lexie) alessing@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Lessing, Jillian Paige jplessing@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Lesta Garcia, Laura llestagarcia@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5923FacultySpanish and PortugueseVisiting Instructor in Spanish
Lester, Timothy Joseph tjlester@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2298StaffRetail Food OperationsPrep Cook, Retail Foods
Leung, Eric eleung@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Levato, Alexis Nicole alevato@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Levesque, Connor D. clevesque@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Levesque, Dan dlevesque@middlebury.edu  Student 
Levin, Grace hlevin@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Levine, Cara clevine@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Levine, Joseph Andrew (Joey) josephl@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Levine, Noah Cheris nclevine@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Levins, Chloe E clevins@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Levitt, Zach zlevitt@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Levy, Tea tlevy@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Lewis, Cecelia A. (Ceci) calewis@middlebury.edu StaffBread Loaf School of EnglishCo-Dir REACH_CHO
Lewis, Clark clewis@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Lewis, Gordon gslewis@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Lewis, Mark A. markl@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3458FacultyAthleticsHead Coach, Squash
Lewis, Orion A. olewis@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5479FacultyPolitical ScienceAssistant Professor of Political Science
Lewkowicz, Emily elewkowicz@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Leyva, Bronson Ray bleyva@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Li, Jiguang jiguangl@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Li, Qian qianl@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Li, Steven stevenl@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Li, Tianzhi (TIANZHI) tianzhil@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Lichenstein, Robert John rlichenstein@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Lichtman, Kayla Sadie klichtman@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Liebhaber, Samuel J. slieb@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5598FacultyArabicAssociate Professor of Arabic
Lieblich, Maxwell Hunter (Max) mlieblich@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Liebmiller, Noah Cameron nliebmiller@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Liebowitz, Ronald D. liebowit@middlebury.edu Emeritus President Emeritus
Liftman, Ross Evan rliftman@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Lighten, Julia-jeane Bernadette (Julia) jlighten@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Lightman, Rebecca rlightman@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Liljestrand, Erik T. liljestr@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5093StaffStudent Financial ServicesBursar
Lilley, Casey Nicole clilley@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Lillis, Steven Thomas slillis@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Lin, Karl karlmatthewl@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Lin, Yilin ylin@middlebury.edu StaffInternational Programs & Off-Campus StudyAssociate Professor and Director, School in Kunming
Lind, Brian T. blind@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5385StaffDean of StudentsAssoc. Dean of Judicial Affairs and Student Life
Lindberg, Nancy P. nlindberg@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3372StaffHuman ResourcesHR Specialist
Linden, Luke Thomas llinden@miis.edu  StudentBrainerd
Linderman, Michael D. mlinderman@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5737FacultyComputer ScienceAssistant Professor of Computer Science
Lindholm, Karl L. lindholm@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5124EmeritusAmerican StudiesEmeritus Dean of Advising, Asst. Prof. of Amer. Studies
Lindholm, Peter Milton plindholm@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Lindsay, Isabel Rose irlindsay@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Ling, Selena zling@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Lint Sagarena, Roberto rlintsagarena@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5508FacultyAmerican StudiesDir, Anderson-Freeman Ctr and CCSRE; Assoc Prof, American Studies
Lipp, Brianna Patrice blipp@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Lipson, Benjamin H. blipson@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5052StaffAthletics
Lipton, Jessica jlipton@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Litchfield, Jodi E. litchfie@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5936StaffStudent Accessibility ServicesADA Coordinator
Litchfield, Shaun M. slitchfi@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2688StaffDining Services
Litowitz, Jack Antony jlitowitz@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Littlefield, Thatcher W. tlittlefield@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5693StaffMuseum of ArtMuseum Preparator
Littman, Noah Gabriel nlittman@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Liu, Dan dliu@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5984FacultyChineseChinese School Faculty; Lecturer in Chinese
Liu, HENRY hengruil@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Liu, Monty F. mfliu@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Liu, Sisi sisil@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Liu, Zhe zhel@miis.edu SUMMER GRAD 
Livesay, Kathryn Perine (Kate) klivesay@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5262FacultyAthleticsHead Coach, Women's Lacrosse
Livingston, Dana E. danal@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5184StaffOffice of AdvancementReport Associate
Livingston, Trevor Justin tlivingston@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Lloyd, Andrea H. lloyd@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5735FacultyAcademic Affairs/BiologyVP for Academic Affairs/Dean of Faculty; Stewart Prof of Biology
Lloyd, Connor David clloyd@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Lodge, Emma L. elodge@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Loebs, John Gregory jloebs@middlebury.edu StaffClassicsResearch Assistant
Loewald, Anna Marie aloewald@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Loftis, Clara Lenore cloftis@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Logan, Virginia W. vlogan@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5141StaffCenter for Counseling/Human RelationsAssoc. Dir., Counseling Srvces
Lomaisa, Amos alomaisa@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Lombard, Michaela Anne mlombard@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Lombardi, Carter Joseph clombardi@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
London-Southern, Maya Anna mlondonsouthern@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Lonergan, Maura E. mlonergan@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Long, Kirsten Tatler ktlong@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Longman, Matt longman@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3350StaffCommons Office - WonnacottCommons Dean - Wonnacott
Lopez Barrera, Maria Silvina slopezbarrera@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5906FacultyHistory of Art & ArchitectureVisiting Assistant Professor of Architecture
Lopez Martinich, Felipe A. fjackson@middlebury.edu (802) 443-7606StaffSnow BowlSnow School Instructor C
Lopez, Avery E. alopez@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Lopez, Julian Rafael jrlopez@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Lopez, Marcelo mvlopez@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Lopez, Wilma A. walopez@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Lopez, Yuliana yulianal@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Lord, Madison R. mlord@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Lorenso Castro, Silvia R. slorenso@middlebury.edu Schools AbroadInternational Programs & Off-Campus StudyAssociate Professor and Director, School in Brazil
Lorn, Amy MuiSim alorn@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Losano, Antonia J. alosano@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3242FacultyEnglish & American LiteraturesProfessor of English & American Literatures
Lothrop, Julia Ruth jlothrop@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Lothrop, Mary M. mlothrop@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5077StaffCenter for Careers and InternshipsDirector, Health Professions & STEM
Lotstein, Madison L (Madison) mlotstein@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Lou, Yuki ylou@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Louden, Pamela plouden@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5332StaffDining ServicesServery/Utility Worker
Loughlin, Patrick ploughlin@middlebury.edu SUMMER GRAD 
Lourie, Peter plourie@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5276FacultyEnglish & American LiteraturesWinter Term Faculty
Loveland, Kyle James kloveland@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Lovelette, Mary L. mllovelette@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5332StaffDining ServicesProctor Servery/Utility
Lovelette, Michael F. mlovelette@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5332StaffDining ServicesProctor Servery/Utility
Love-Lewis, Liam A. llovelewis@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Lovely, Taylor tlovely@middlebury.edu  Student 
Low, Aaron Yu Teng alow@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Low-Beinart, Violet vlowbeinart@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Lowell, Erik P. elowell@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2298StaffRetail Food OperationsCook, Retail Food Operations
Lower, Cheryl Whitney clower@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5798StaffCenter for Careers and InternshipsAssociate Director, Internships & Early Engagement
Lowitt, Natasha Sophie nlowitt@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
L'Roe, Andrew W. alroe@middlebury.edu FacultyBiologyWinter Term Faculty
L'Roe, Jessica E. jlroe@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5387FacultyGeographyAssistant Professor of Geography
Lu, Claudia Wenyi clu@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Lu, Tierra tierral@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Lu, Yining yiningl@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Lucas, Maxwell Clayton (Max) mclucas@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Lucas, Sedge Kea slucas@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Lucero, Lizeth llucero@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Ludwig, David dludwig@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5692StaffInformation Technology ServicesDirector, Enterprise Applications
Lueck, Anna alueck@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Luini, Juliette jluini@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Lujan, Alfredo C. alujan@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5418StaffBread Loaf School of EnglishBLSE-NM Activities Coordinator
Lukens, Emma Reynolds elukens@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Lumley, James Maurice (Jamie) jlumley@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Luna, Adonis (adonis) aluna@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Lundal, Liam Sessions llundal@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Lundberg, Sophia Joy slundberg@middlebury.edu  Student 
Lundquist, Mark mlundquist@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5725StaffBudget OfficeSenior Financial Analyst
Lundsgaard, Warren Van wlundsgaard@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Lunstead, Jeffrey J. jlunstea@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5960FacultyPolitical ScienceDiplomat in Residence
Luo, Sandra sandral@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Luo, Yixiao (Lorrisa) yixiaol@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Luong, Ngor Halmonte nluong@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Lupica, William Emerson (Will) wlupica@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Lussier, Benn A. blussier@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5688StaffDining ServicesRoss Servery/Utility
Lussier, Darlyn F. lussier@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5962StaffDining ServicesDishroom Supervisor
Lussier, Devin K. dklussier@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5332StaffDining ServicesDining Room Servery Worker
Lussier, Frederick (Fred) G. flussier@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5084StaffFacilities ServicesCustodian
Lussier, Justin T. jtlussier@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5962StaffDining ServicesDining Room Servery Worker
Lussier, Laurie A. llussier@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5084StaffFacilities ServicesCustodian
Lustgarten, Jane H. lustgart@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2291StaffMuseum of ArtMuseum Receptionist
Luther, Rodney F. luther@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5472StaffFacilities ServicesElectrician, General Maintenance
Lutzius, Max Walsh mlutzius@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Lux, Britney Stephanie blux@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Lyford, Alexander J. alyford@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5564FacultyMathematicsVisiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Lyman, Mark Strong mlyman@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Lynch, Lauren Isabella (lauren) lilynch@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Lynch, Michael S. lynch@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5018StaffLibraryTemp Research & Instr Assist
Lynch, Sylvia Shihui sslynch@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Lynds, Zoe zlynds@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Lyons, Charles M. clyons@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2744StaffRikert Nordic CenterNordic Center Operations Assoc
Lyons, George Langsner (Gus) gllyons@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Lyons, Joseph Vance (Joey) jvlyons@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Lyons, Madeline Esther (Maddie) melyons@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Lyons, Margaret F. (Peggy) mlyons@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2744StaffRikert Nordic CenterNordic Center Operations Assoc
Lyons, Samuel John (Sam) slyons@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss

Please contact Human Resources with questions about updating your office or phone information. If you have questions about the Telephone or Voicemail system, please read the Faculty & Staff quick Telephone & Voicemail Reference.

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