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Need the phone number or location for a Department, Office, or Organization? These are listed in the Department Directory [PDF].

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NameE-mailPhoneTypeDept / CommonsJob Title
Vaccarelli, Barry F. bvaccare@middlebury.edu 802.443.5472StaffFacilities ServicesPainter
Vachow, Carlyn Simonds cvachow@middlebury.edu 802.443.3000StaffAdmissionsAdmission Counselor
Vadlamani, Sanket uvadlamani@middlebury.edu  Student
Vail, Van vail@middlebury.edu Emeritus Professor Emeritus of German
Vakhitova, Valeriia Kamilovna (Valery) vvakhitova@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Valadez, Velma L. vvaladez@middlebury.edu  Student
Valdes, Andy avaldes@middlebury.edu  Student
Valdes, Giorey gvaldes@middlebury.edu  Student
Valdez, Ana Isabel avaldez@middlebury.edu  Student
Valdez, Catherine Susan (Cathy) cmeiselv@middlebury.edu  Student
Valdivieso, Gabriella Nicole (Gabby) gvaldivieso@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Valencia, Omar ovalencia@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Valenti, Virginia vvalenti@middlebury.edu  Student
Valentin, David Yuji dvalentin@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Valentine, George gvalentine@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Valley, Pat pvalley@middlebury.edu 802.443.5084StaffFacilities ServicesCustodian
Vallo, Mary mvallo@middlebury.edu  Student
Valone, Samantha Hanna (Sammy) svalone@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Valor-Navarro, Rafael (Rafa) rvalornavarro@middlebury.edu  Student
Valotto, Michael mvalotto@middlebury.edu  Student
Van Artsdalen, Kathryn Jean kvanartsdalen@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
van Dam, Katelyn kvandam@middlebury.edu  Student
van der Geest, Timo J. tvandergeest@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
van der Heyde, Alderik avanderheyde@middlebury.edu  Student 
van Gemeren, Marco Dirk mvangemeren@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Van Gessel, Erin Paige evangessel@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Van Lokeren, Samuel Henry (Sam) svanlokeren@middlebury.edu  Student 
Van Mael, Ella Pauline (Ella) evanmael@middlebury.edu  Student 
Van Meter, Sophia Fumi svanmeter@middlebury.edu  Student 
Van Mistri, Emily G. evanmistri@middlebury.edu 802.443.3340StaffCommons Office - RossCommons Dean - Ross
Van Order, Thomas vanorder@middlebury.edu 802.443.5012FacultyItalianProfessor of Italian
Van Sickle, Elias Kozmo Maximilian evansickle@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Van Vleck, Carolyn W. cvanvleck@middlebury.edu 802.443.5367StaffDining ServicesBanquet Waiter, On-Call
Van Vliet, Karla E. kvanvlie@middlebury.edu 802.443.3071StaffNew England Young Writers' ConferenceAdm Asst, conf & Adm Coord
Van Voorhis, Eliza T. evanvoorhis@middlebury.edu  Student 
Vandekerckhove, Elisa evandekerckhove@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Vandenbosch, Ben bvandenbosch@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Vander Wel, Austin avanderwel@middlebury.edu  Student
Vandercook, David dvandercook@middlebury.edu 802.443.5264StaffAthletics
Vanderhoof, Erin Michelle evanderhoof@middlebury.edu  Student
VanderMeer, Frances fvandermeer@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Vanezis, Alexander Christopher (Alex) avanezis@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Vankina, Srilakshmi Prasanna svankina@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Vanrell, Crystal Rose cvanrell@middlebury.edu  Student
Vanzandt, Kelsey Anne kvanzandt@middlebury.edu  Student 
Vargas, David Santiago dsvargas@middlebury.edu  Student 
Varricchione, Zach zvarricchione@middlebury.edu  Student 
Vasilchenko, Anna Andreyevna avasilchenko@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Vasiliou, AnGayle K. (AJ) avasiliou@middlebury.edu 802.443.5517FacultyChemistry and BiochemistryAssistant Professor of Chemistry/Biochemistry
Vasilopoulos, Georgia (Georgia Vasilopoulos) gvasilopoulos@middlebury.edu  Student 
Vasitas, Marie Elise mvasitas@middlebury.edu  Student
Vazquez, Edward A. evazquez@middlebury.edu 802.443.5764FacultyHistory of Art & ArchitectureAssociate Professor of History of Art & Architecture
Vdoviak-Markow, Madeline C mvdoviakmarkow@middlebury.edu  Student
Vedock, Grace Abigail gvedock@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Vega, Guadalupe Celeste gvega@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Veguez, Roberto A. veguez@middlebury.edu 802.443.5539FacultySpanish SchoolWilliam R. Kenan Jr. Professor Emeritus of Spanish
Veikley, Mira B. mveikley@middlebury.edu 802.443.2335FacultyTheatreVisiting Assistant Professor of Theatre
Veilleux, Nicole M. nveilleux@middlebury.edu 802.443.2455StaffCenter for Careers and InternshipsHealth Professions/STEM Coord.
Vela, Jessica (Jessi) jvela@middlebury.edu  Student 
Velasco, Lidia lvelasco@middlebury.edu  Student
Velasquez Diaz, Carolina cvelasquezdiaz@middlebury.edu  Student
Velazquez, Andres Candido avelazquez@middlebury.edu  Student 
Velazquez, Christeline cvelazquez@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Velez, Carlos velezbla@middlebury.edu 802.443.5035FacultyPsychologyProfessor of Psychology
Velez, Felix fvelez@middlebury.edu  Student
Velie, Elaine Marie evelie@middlebury.edu  Student
Veloz, Noah nveloz@middlebury.edu  Student
Veneziano-Solle, Rachel Johannah rvenezianosolle@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Veniero, Salvatore Joseph sveniero@middlebury.edu 802.443.5203StaffGerman SchoolSupport Staff
Vera, Betbirai bvera@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Verbitchi, Ecaterina (Kate) everbitchi@middlebury.edu  Student
Vertacnik, Peter John pvertacnik@middlebury.edu 802.443.2700FacultyBread Loaf School of Englishwaiter
Viau, Justin R. jviau@middlebury.edu 802.443.5014StaffRetail Food OperationsLead PM Cook
Viau, Lisa M. lviau@middlebury.edu 802.443.3200StaffDavis United World College Scholars ProgramExecutive Assistant Davis UWC
Vicenzi, Jacob A. javicenz@middlebury.edu 802.443.2688StaffDining ServicesCook
Vicijan, Steven svicijan@miis.edu  Student
Viebranz, Angus aviebranz@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Vijayakumar, Varsha vvijayakumar@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Vila, Hector J. hvila@middlebury.edu 802.443.2181FacultyCenter for Teaching/Learning/ResearchAssistant Professor of Writing
Vilardo, Jerid M. jvilardo@middlebury.edu 802.443.5084StaffFacilities ServicesCustodian
Villagran, Andrea Rennee (Andre) avillagran@middlebury.edu  Student
Villalba, Victoria Evelyn vvillalba@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Villalobos, Jacob Emanuel (Jacob) jvillalobos@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Villanueva, Alitzel avillanueva@middlebury.edu  Student 
Vincent, Cathy A. vincent@middlebury.edu 802.443.5624StaffHuman ResourcesManager, HR Faculty Administration
Vincent, Robin Brooke rvincent@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Vincoli, Lara Savitz lvincoli@middlebury.edu  Student
Viner, Steven E. sviner@middlebury.edu 802.443.5708FacultyPhilosophyAssociate Professor of Philosophy
Vinton, Elizabeth Anne (Lizzy) evinton@middlebury.edu  Student
Virk, Angad Singh avirk@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Vitercik, Greg J. vitercik@middlebury.edu 802.443.5071EmeritusMusicProfessor of Music Emeritus
Vitti, Alicia avitti@middlebury.edu 802.443.5874FacultyLanguage Schools at MillsFaculty Italian School Site 2
Vitti, Antonio C. acvitti@middlebury.edu 802.443.5874FacultyLanguage Schools at MillsDirector of Italian School, Italian School Faculty
Vizthum, Jim jvizthum@middlebury.edu 802.443.5230StaffLanguage Schools at MillsSupport Staff
Vogel, Daniel A. dvogel@middlebury.edu 802.443.5250StaffAthleticsLifeguard
Vohra, Hennah hvohra@middlebury.edu  Student 
Volchkevich, Maiia mvolchkevich@middlebury.edu 802.443.2006FacultyRussian SchoolRussian School Faculty
Volino, Michael mvolino@middlebury.edu  Student
Volkert, Tamara J. tvolkert@middlebury.edu 802.443.5192StaffRetail Food OperationsBanquet/Catering OnCall Server
Volz, Jacob F. jvolz@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
von Platen, Millie mvonplaten@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Voncujovi, Pele pvoncujovi@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Vorsteveld, Julia A. jvorsteveld@middlebury.edu 802.443.7606StaffSnow BowlSnow School Instructor A
Vosmik, Ana Luisa (Luisa) avosmik@middlebury.edu  Student 
Voss, Jabari jvoss@middlebury.edu  Student 
Vowell, Alison Marie avowell@middlebury.edu  Student
Voytekhina, Olga ovoytekhina@middlebury.edu 802.443.2006FacultyRussian SchoolRussian School Faculty
Vrooman, Jason Andrew jvrooman@middlebury.edu 802.443.2248StaffMuseum of ArtCurator of Education & Academic Programs

Please contact Human Resources with questions about updating your office or phone information. If you have questions about the Telephone or Voicemail system, please read the Faculty & Staff quick Telephone & Voicemail Reference.

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