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Need the phone number or location for a Department, Office, or Organization? These are listed in the Department Directory [PDF].

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NameE-mailPhoneTypeDept / CommonsJob Title
Faber, Jacob Michael (Jake) jfaber@middlebury.edu  Student 
Fahey, Justin jfahey@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Fahrenberg, Heike A. hfahrenb@middlebury.edu Schools AbroadInternational Programs & Off-Campus StudyAssociate Professor and Director, School in Germany
Fallon, Sean Gerald sfallon@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Fancher, Tessa Flint tfancher@middlebury.edu 802.443.3204StaffPlanning and AssessmentResearch & Data Analyst
Fang, Jialu (Audrey) jfang@middlebury.edu  Student 
Fankhauser, Devon dfankhauser@middlebury.edu SUMMER GRAD 
Fanning, Diana Egbers fanning@middlebury.edu 802.443.5221FacultyMusicAffiliate Artist
Fanning, Emory M. efanning@middlebury.edu 802.443.5607EmeritusMusicProfessor Emeritus of Music
Farah, Rima rfarah@middlebury.edu 802.443.3570FacultySchool of Hebrew
Faraone, Cheryl faraone@middlebury.edu 802.443.5642FacultyTheatreMettler Prof of Theatre, Gender Sexuality Feminist Std
Farese, Grace Catherine (Gracie) gfarese@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Farkaschek, Crystal cfarkaschek@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Farley, Alexander Brandon (Alex) afarley@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Farnsworth, Frances Vinal (Franci) farnswor@middlebury.edu 802.443.5889StaffGrants & Sponsored ProgramsAssociate Director, Grants & Sponsored Programs
Farnsworth, Maria A. mfarnswo@middlebury.edu 802.443.3156StaffStudent ActivitiesOffice & Budget Manager
Farquhar, Solara Caroline (Sola) sfarquhar@middlebury.edu  Student 
Farrell, Keith E. kfarrell@middlebury.edu 802.443.5367StaffDining ServicesBanquet Server, On-Call
Farrell, Tyler Joseph tjfarrell@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Fastie, Chris cfastie@middlebury.edu Faculty Visiting Research Scholar in Biology
Fastie, Galen gfastie@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Faulstich-Hon, Leila lfaulstichhon@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Faust, Virginia vfaust@middlebury.edu 802.443.2391StaffLibraryBinding and Conservation Technician & Government Documents Associate
Fauzi, Amirah nfauzi@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Fay, Brian M. bfay@middlebury.edu 802.443.5244StaffDining ServicesAtwater Servery/Utility
Febraio Parma, Alan aparma@middlebury.edu 802.443.5292FacultyPortuguese School
Fechter, Earl F. efechter@middlebury.edu 802.443.3426StaffOffice of Chief Risk OfficerHuman Relations Officer
Feeney, Christopher John Rigel cfeeney@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Fehmiu, Nika nfehmiu@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Feibel, Hallie Rachel hfeibel@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Feiereisen, Florence A. ffeierei@middlebury.edu 802.443.5820FacultyGermanAssociate Professor of German
Feinstein, Benjamin James bfeinstein@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Feinstein, Spencer Ross sfeinstein@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Feldman, Catherine Starbuck cfeldman@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Feldman, Elana Victoria efeldman@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Feldman, Irina ifeldman@middlebury.edu 802.443.5470FacultySpanish and PortugueseAssistant Professor of Spanish
Feldman, Isaac Aaron iafeldman@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Felkl, JoEllen jfelkl@middlebury.edu 802.443.2324StaffCollege StoreRetail Merchandising Coord
Felt, Rowen Weston rfelt@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Felton, Stevon M. sfelton@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Ferdinand, Chellsa Cimone cferdinand@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Ferguson, Parker S. pferguson@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Ferguson, Samuel McGovern (Sam) sferguson@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Ferguson, Samuel R. srferguson@middlebury.edu 802.443.2242StaffAthleticsLifeguard
Ferguson, Timothy J. tferguson@middlebury.edu 802.443.5010StaffAthleticsLifeguard
Fernandez, Brooke E. bfernandez@middlebury.edu 802.443.5279StaffAthleticsAsst. Women's Ice Hockey Coach
Fernandez, Kenny kfernandez@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Fernandez, Miguel A. fernande@middlebury.edu 802.443.5792FacultySpanish and PortugueseChief Diversity Officer; Professor of Spanish
Fernandez, Paige Alyssa pafernandez@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Fernandez, Santiago R. srfernandez@middlebury.edu 802.443.7605StaffSki SchoolJunior Snow School Instructor
Ferris, Winslow wferris@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Ferrone, Chloe cferrone@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Fertein, Corinne F. cfertein@middlebury.edu 802.443.5526FacultyFrench School
Fetterolf, Chris cfetterolf@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Feury, Jake Thomas jfeury@middlebury.edu  Student 
Fica Contreras, Sebastian Matias sficacontreras@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Fichman, Amelia (Mia) afichman@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Fields, Alexandra Sophie afields@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Fields, Emily Elizabeth efields@middlebury.edu  Student 
Figueiredo Goncalves, Alyne afigueiredogoncalves@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Figueroa, Natalie Diana nfigueroa@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Fil, Alla Nickolajevna afil@middlebury.edu 802.443.5392FacultySpanish and PortugueseVisiting Assistant Professor of Spanish
Fillion, Eva M. efillion@middlebury.edu 802.443.2536StaffEnvironmental AffairsSustain Comm/Outreach Coord
Filpo, Victor Manuel vfilpo@middlebury.edu 802.443.3000StaffAdmissionsAdmission Counselor
Findlay, Angus V. afindlay@middlebury.edu 802.443.5505FacultyPhysicsAssistant in Instruction in Physics
Findlay, Whit wfindlay@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Fine, David Shay dfine@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Fine, Noah Ripley nrfine@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Fink, Kae kfink@middlebury.edu  Student 
Finkelstein, Lauren Beth lfinkelstein@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Finley, J jfinley@middlebury.edu 802.443.5466FacultyAmerican StudiesAssistant Professor of American Studies
Finn, James rjfinn@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Finton, Thomas William Goodwin (Tommy) tfinton@middlebury.edu  Student 
Firestone, Amir S. afirestone@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Fischel, Margaret (Peggy) fischel@middlebury.edu 802.443.5033StaffInformation Technology ServicesManager of Telecommunications Services
Fischer, Cortland W. cfischer@middlebury.edu 802.443.2242StaffAthleticsLifeguard
Fischer, Deborah L. dlfischer@middlebury.edu 802.443.5721StaffAdmissionsAdmissions Office Assist Temp
Fischer, Kelly R. kellyf@middlebury.edu 802.443.2744StaffRikert Nordic CenterNordic Center Snowmaker
Fischer, Simon N. sfischer@middlebury.edu 802.443.2298StaffRetail Food OperationsPart-time Retail Food Worker
Fisher, Adam Jeffrey ajfisher@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Fisher, Dan A. dfisher@middlebury.edu 510.430.2284StaffLanguage Schools at MillsOperations Mgr, Midd @ Mills
Fisher, Danielle Olivia dofisher@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Fisher, Jonathan Dorney jdfisher@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Fisk, Eleanor Isabel efisk@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Fiske, June A. jfiske@middlebury.edu 802.443.2942StaffDining ServicesRetail Operations Office Asst
Fitussi, Sara sfitussi@middlebury.edu SUMMER GRAD 
Fitzcharles, James jfitzcharles@middlebury.edu 802.443.5250StaffAthleticsLifeguard
Fitzgerald, Bridget Mary bfitzgerald@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Fitzpatrick, Colleen A. cfitzpatrick@middlebury.edu 802.443.3177StaffOffice of AdvancementVice President for Advancement
Fitzsimmons, James jfitzsim@middlebury.edu 802.443.5618FacultySociology/AnthropologyAssociate Professor of Anthropology
Fizur, Brenda J. bfizur@middlebury.edu 802.443.3572StaffSchool of HebrewCoordinator, Undergrad Prog.
Flaherty, Colin Joseph cflaherty@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Flanagan, Sean Patrick seanf@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Fleischer, Alec H. afleischer@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Fleisher, Jacob B. (Jake) jfleisher@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Fleming, Ana Isabel (Izzy) afleming@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Fleming, Henry (Henry) hfleming@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Fleming, Will wfleming@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Fletcher, Jamison jfletcher@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Flores, Tania tflores@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Floyd, Matthew Lomell (Matt) mfloyd@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Floyd, Melissa A. melissaf@middlebury.edu 802.443.5408StaffInformation Technology ServicesBusiness Analyst, ITS
Flug, Jenna S. (Jenna) jflug@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Flynn, Matthew Robert (Matt) mflynn@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Fogg, Pamela C. pfogg@middlebury.edu 802.443.5378StaffCommunications and MarketingCreative Director
Foley, Brian bfoley@middlebury.edu 802.443.5663StaffInformation Technology ServicesSenior Technology Specialist & Computer Lab Manager
Foley, Connar M. connarf@middlebury.edu StaffDining ServicesAtwater Servery/Utility
Foley, Kathy kfoley@middlebury.edu 802.443.3032StaffInternational Student & Scholar ServicesAssociate Dean & Director of ISSS
Folger, Matthew J mfolger@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Follansbee, Kelsey Nelson kfollansbee@middlebury.edu  Student 
Fonkoua, Romuald-Blaise rfonkoua@middlebury.edu 802.443.5526FacultyFrench School
Foote, Amy E. afoote@middlebury.edu 802.443.3649StaffEvents ManagementPresident's Office Buildings Coordinator
Foote, Missy foote@middlebury.edu Emeritus Women's LaCrosse Coach, Senior Associate in Physical Education Emerita
Forbes, Gary S. gforbes@middlebury.edu 802.443.5084StaffFacilities ServicesCustodian
Forbush, Elaine eforbush@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Ford, Trinity A. tford@middlebury.edu 802.443.5250StaffAthleticsFront Desk Monitor
Forde, Alex aforde@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Forestieri, Gabriel G. gforestieri@middlebury.edu 802.443.5722FacultyDanceVisiting Artist-in-Residence in Dance
Forman, Dick forman@middlebury.edu 802.443.3288StaffMusicDirector of Jazz Activities; Applied Music Faculty; Accompanist
Forman, Ruth Elizabeth rforman@middlebury.edu 802.443.2700FacultyBread Loaf School of English
Formen, Jeffrey Sai Shang Kham jformen@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Forrest, Ashley B. abforrest@middlebury.edu 802.443.5332StaffDining ServicesProctor Servery/Utility
Forrest, Connor C. cforrest@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Forsberg, Jade Louise Stefania jforsberg@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Fort, Gabby gfort@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Forte, Noel Angelique nforte@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Fortin, Katharine kfortin@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Fossett, Sarah Jane sfossett@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Foster, Warren wfoster@middlebury.edu 802.443.7669StaffSki SchoolSnow School Instructor A
Fouche-Channer, Addis Claire Jestina afouchechanner@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Fournier, Michael mfournier@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Foutch, Ellery E. efoutch@middlebury.edu 802.443.5768FacultyAmerican StudiesAssistant Professor of American Studies
Fowler, Liam Andre Webster lfowler@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Fox, Ashley atfox@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Fox, Lydia Elaine lefox@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
France, Philippe L. H. pfrance@middlebury.edu 802.443.5526FacultyFrench SchoolDirector French School
Francis, Kaitlyn kfrancis@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Francis, Tavic Oshane Lloyd tfrancis@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Franco, Adam S. afranco@middlebury.edu 802.443.2244StaffInformation Technology ServicesSenior Application Developer
Franco, Maria Alicia (Mali) mfranco@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Francoeur, Benjamin R. (Ben) bfrancoeur@middlebury.edu StaffSnow BowlSnow Bowl Parking Attendant
Francoeur, Ryan A. rfrancoeur@middlebury.edu 802.443.2745StaffFacilities Services-Bread LoafGeneral Maint., Bread Loaf
Frank, Michael mfrank@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Frank, Robert J. rjfrank@middlebury.edu 802.443.2309StaffMuseum of ArtMuseum Community Receptionist
Frankel, Charlotte cefrankel@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Franklin, Annette afranklin@middlebury.edu 802.443.5192StaffRetail Food OperationsCatering On Call Retail Opratn
Franklin, Skylar sfranklin@middlebury.edu 802.443.2688StaffDining ServicesRoss Servery/Utility
Frare, Christina F. cfrare@middlebury.edu 802.443.5779FacultyBiologyVisiting Assistant Professor of Biology
Frazier, Amy I. aifrazier@middlebury.edu 802.443.5818StaffLibraryFilm & Media Librarian
Frazier, Will wjfrazier@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Freda, Jane Elizabeth jfreda@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Freedman, Alexandra Natalie (Alex) afreedman@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Freedman, Benjamin Blair (Ben) bfreedman@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Freedman, Benjamin R. (Ben) brfreedman@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Freeman, Ava S. asfreeman@middlebury.edu 802.443.5482StaffHistory of Art & ArchitectureVisual Resources Curator
Freeman, Connor Davis cdfreeman@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Freeman, Molly Elizabeth mefreeman@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Freeman, Rebecca Jane rfreeman@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Frei, Christina cfrei@middlebury.edu 802.443.5203FacultyGerman School
Freiler, Kyle kfreiler@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Freismuth, Helen T. hfreismuth@middlebury.edu 802.443.5959StaffDining ServicesBanquet Server, On-Call
French, Emily Dawson efrench@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
French, Wyatt Wilbank wfrench@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Freyre, Sarah Ellen sfreyre@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Friedman, Elliott efriedman@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Friedman, Grant Cameron gfriedman@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Friedman, Rachel Shoshannah rsfriedman@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Friedrich, Laura Elizabeth lfriedrich@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Friesen, Elizabeth Valerie Layard (Lizzie) efriesen@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Frostman, Daniel dfrostma@middlebury.edu 802.443.5928StaffLibraryCirculation Services Manager
Frye, Kristina Elizabeth kfrye@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Fryer, Minori Grace mfryer@miis.edu  StudentBrainerd
Fu, Shannia sfu@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Fuchs, David Michael dfuchs@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Fuentes-George, Kemi kgeorge@middlebury.edu 802.443.5574FacultyPolitical ScienceAssistant Professor of Political Science
Fulham, Daniel Watson dfulham@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Fuller, Patrick Bradbury (Pat) pfuller@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Fullwood, Brandi Nichelle bfullwood@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Fulton, Eiko sfulton@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Fulton, Lyle M. lfulton@middlebury.edu 802.443.5189StaffAthleticsAthletics Comm and Asst.
Fung, Chloe cfung@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Furber, Kate kfurber@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Furbush, Rich rcfurbush@middlebury.edu 802.443.5029StaffGeologyCaptain, Research Vessel Folgr
Furgang, Ami nfurgang@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Fyler, John M. jfyler@middlebury.edu 011.441.8652FacultyBread Loaf School of English

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