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Need the phone number or location for a Department, Office, or Organization? These are listed in the Department Directory [PDF].

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NameE-mailPhoneTypeDept / CommonsJob Title
Eagan, Ciara R. ceagan@middlebury.edu 802.443.5250StaffAthleticsLifeguard
Eagan, Eleanor Rachel Elizabeth eeagan@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Eagan, Heather M. K. heagan@middlebury.edu 802.443.3000StaffAdmissionsApplication Reader
Easton, Cole Andrew ceaston@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Eaton, Timothy H. teaton@middlebury.edu 802.443.7600StaffSnow BowlSnow Maker/Lift Operator
Eberhart, Regan L. reberhar@middlebury.edu 802.443.5219StaffOffice of AdvancementAsst. Dir. of Donor Relations
Eberlee, Ellie eeberlee@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Ebner, Wynne Claudette webner@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Echevarria, Edna V. eechevarria@middlebury.edu 802.443.5538FacultySpanish School
Echeverria, Luis Eduardo lecheverria@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Echeverria, Mariana Elena mecheverria@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Eda, Sanae seda@middlebury.edu Schools AbroadInternational Programs & Off-Campus StudyAssociate Professor and Director of the School in Japan
Edelman, Jonah jedelman@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Edgar Holmes, Simone Rose sedgarholmes@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Edles, Eleanor D. eedles@middlebury.edu 802.443.5250StaffAthletics
Edlin, Ruby J. redlin@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Edmondson, Marisa Nicole medmondson@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Edokwe, Mariel Uzoma medokwe@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Edson, Justin W. jedson@middlebury.edu 802.443.2963StaffRetail Food OperationsAsst Dir Retail Operations
Edwards, Brenden Michael bedwards@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Edwards, Brent Miles bmedwards@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Edwards, Georgia Grace Keller gedwards@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Edwards, Sarah Grace sedwards@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Egas, Georgia gegas@middlebury.edu SUMMER GRAD 
Eglene, Ophelia oeglene@middlebury.edu 802.443.5310FacultyPolitical ScienceVisiting Assistant Professor of Political Science
Ehlers, Andreas aehlers@middlebury.edu 802.443.5532FacultyGermanArtist-in-Residence in German
Ehritt, Kim ehritt@middlebury.edu 802.443.5171StaffOffice of AdvancementDirector of Constituent Records
Ehrlich, Julie Melissa jehrlich@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Eisele, John C. jeisele@middlebury.edu 802.443.5230FacultyLanguage Schools at Mills
Eisenbach, Sara seisenbach@middlebury.edu SUMMER GRAD 
Eisenberg, Naomi Zecher neisenberg@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Eisenstein, Cara Genevieve ceisenstein@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Eisler, Ruth E. reisler@middlebury.edu 802.443.5962StaffDining ServicesPart-time Servery/Utility
Eisler-LeBeau, Lynn R. leisler@middlebury.edu 802.443.5084StaffFacilities ServicesCustodian
Eisner, Caroline L. ceisner@middlebury.edu 802.443.5360StaffBread Loaf School of EnglishDirector of Breadnet
Ekdahl, Debra A. dekdahl@middlebury.edu 802.443.5133StaffPublic SafetyTelecommunicator
Ekroos, Ian M. iekroos@middlebury.edu 802.443.2688StaffDining ServicesPart-time Servery/Utility
Ekroos, William wekroos@middlebury.edu 802.443.2688StaffDining ServicesCook
Ekstrom, Cathy K. cekstrom@middlebury.edu 802.443.3262StaffSciences Tech Support ServicesAdministrative Program Coordinator
El-Bakili, Jaouad jelbakali@middlebury.edu 802.443.5230FacultyLanguage Schools at Mills
Elder, John C. elder@middlebury.edu EmeritusEnvironmental Studies/English & American LiteraturesCollege Professor Emeritus
Eldredge, Rachel A. reldredg@middlebury.edu 802.443.5636StaffParton Center for Health and WellnessAssociate Athletic Trainer
Eleyinafe, Toluwalase I. (Tolu) teleyinafe@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Elgarten, Grant Joseph gelgarten@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
El-Genidy, Emad El-Din A. eelgenei@middlebury.edu 802.443.5230FacultyLanguage Schools at Mills
Elias, Alexander D. (Alex) aelias@middlebury.edu 802.443.5255StaffAthleticsMen's Soccer Assistant
Eliason, Beth eeliason@middlebury.edu 802.443.5619StaffSciences Tech Support ServicesLaboratory Stores & Safety Mgr
Elkind, Peter Stewart pelkind@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Ellen, Audrey Gould aellen@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Ellen, Jacob Gould jellen@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Ellicks, Kevin J kellicks@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Ellis, Brenda E. bellis@middlebury.edu 802.443.5497StaffLibraryResearch & Instruction Librarian
Ellis, Kyle T. kylee@middlebury.edu 802.443.5472StaffFacilities ServicesCustodian
Ellison, Christina D. cellison@middlebury.edu 802.443.5203StaffLanguage Schools AdministrationGerman School Coordinator
Ellison, Cole Ryker crellison@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Ellison, Raine rellison@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Ellsworth, Nolan Schroth nellsworth@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Elron, Alex delron@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
El-Shami, Yasser yelshami@middlebury.edu 802.443.5230FacultyLanguage Schools at Mills
El-Shamy, Hala helshamy@middlebury.edu 802.443.5230FacultyLanguage Schools at Mills
Emerson, John D. jemerson@middlebury.edu 802.443.5589EmeritusMathematicsCharles A. Dana Emeritus Professor of Mathematics
Emerson, Zeke eemerson@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Endicott, Elizabeth endicott@middlebury.edu Emeritus Professor Emerita of History
Engel, Robert Wellford rengel@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Engle, Lars David lengle@middlebury.edu 505.995.-408FacultyBread Loaf School of English
English, Melanie Ann menglish@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Ephrem, Hiruy hephrem@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Eppelsheimer, Natalie eppelshe@middlebury.edu 802.443.5238FacultyGermanAssociate Professor of German
Eppler, Beatrix Snow (Bea) beppler@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Epstein, Alexander Steven (Alex) epstein@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Epstein, Isabella iepstein@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Epstein, Thomas Isaac tepstein@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Erdmann, Alexander alexandere@middlebury.edu 802.443.5230FacultyLanguage Schools at Mills
Erickson, Robert Steven rerickson@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Ericson, Whitney wericson@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Ernst, William Henry (Will) wernst@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Ernsting, Justin Michael jernsting@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Ernstrom, Glen G. gernstrom@middlebury.edu 802.443.5736FacultyBiology/NeuroscienceAssistant Professor of Biology & Neuroscience
Erwin, Jennifer J. jerwin@middlebury.edu 802.443.2904StaffFacilities ServicesManager, Support Services
Escobar, Abigail Jessica (Abby) ajescobar@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Escobedo, Brook A. bescobedo@middlebury.edu 802.443.5028StaffLanguage Schools AdministrationDirector, LS Admissions
Eslinger, Emily Jean eeslinger@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Esparza, Cindy Avila cesparza@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Espino, Diego despino@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Espinosa, Dan Miguel (Miguel) despinosa@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Espy, Josiah Emery (Josh) jespy@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Esrick, Daniel Sharkey (Dan) desrick@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Esser Calvi, Sophie M. sessercalvi@middlebury.edu 802.443.5068StaffEnvironmental AffairsAssociate Director for Global Food & Farm Programs
Essig, Laurie L. lessig@middlebury.edu 802.443.5355FacultyGender, Sexuality & Feminist StudiesAssoc. Professor of Gender, Sexuality, Feminist Studies
Estridge, Elihu Wilson eestridge@middlebury.edu 802.443.5520FacultyChinese School
Estudillo Velasco, Veronica vestudillovelasco@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Etchells, Betsy etchells@middlebury.edu Emeritus Secretary of the Corporation Emerita
Eugair, Collin ceugair@middlebury.edu StaffGolf CourseGolf Course Maintenance
Eugair, Stacey seugair@middlebury.edu 802.443.5875StaffGolf Course/Retail Food OperationsGardener
Eum, Seungmin seum@middlebury.edu 802.443.5215FacultyLanguage Schools at Mills
Evancho, Mark evancho@middlebury.edu 802.443.3129FacultyTheatreProfessor of Theatre
Evangelista de Gonzalez, Liria C. levangel@middlebury.edu Schools AbroadInternational Programs & Off-Campus StudyDirector, Spanish School in Buenos Aires
Evans, Connor connore@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Evans, Deb devans@middlebury.edu 802.443.2099FacultyAmerican StudiesVisiting Assistant Professor of American Studies
Evans, Hamilton Theodore Clark (Hamilton) hevans@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Evans, Marlena K. mevans@middlebury.edu 802.443.2518StaffLibraryCatalog, Metadata, Mat Proc Sp
Evans, Miranda mcevans@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Evans, Nathaniel Alexander (Nathan) nevans@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Everson, Lilia I. leverson@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Ewing, Bridgette Speir bsewing@middlebury.edu SUMMER GRAD 

Please contact Human Resources with questions about updating your office or phone information. If you have questions about the Telephone or Voicemail system, please read the Faculty & Staff quick Telephone & Voicemail Reference.

Updates to the Directory need to be made through Human Resources for faculty and staff or through their Commons office for students. These changes will be inputted into the College's master records, from which the Directory pulls its information. Please note that students, faculty or staff making changes to their personal information will not see those changes reflected in the Directory for approximately 7 days.

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