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Need the phone number or location for a Department, Office, or Organization? These are listed in the Department Directory [PDF].

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NameE-mailPhoneTypeDept / CommonsJob Title
Daczkowski, Kati Louise kdaczkowski@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Dafonte, Amanda Diane adafonte@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Dagnew, Gebremedhin Asrat (Gebre) gdagnew@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Dahi, Bana bdahi@middlebury.edu SUMMER GRAD 
Dahleh, Hilal Abounadi hdahleh@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Dahm, Carolyn cdahm@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5858StaffInternational Student & Scholar ServicesISSS Admin Coordinator
Dahm, Paul pdahm@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5883StaffCommunications and MarketingSenior Designer
Dai, Roger tianxingd@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Dai, Yanchao (Miko) yanchaod@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Dailey, Helen Bateman hdailey@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Dale, Amy Rakowski arakowskidale@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5001StaffOffice of Chief Risk OfficerAssistant to the Office for Risk and Compliance
Daley, Caroline cdaley@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Daley, Eileen Angelika edaley@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Daley, Jack jdaley@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5059StaffFacilities ServicesHVAC, General Maintenance
Dalton, Jack jdalton@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Daly, John P. (Jack) jdaly@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Daly, Meghan E. (Meg) medaly@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Daly, Zara K.M. zdaly@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5135StaffParton Center for Health and WellnessStaff Nurse - RN
Dameron, Corbin M. cdameron@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Damian, Jennifer jdamian@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Dammann, Allison adammann@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Damon, Caroline C. cdamon@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5027StaffAdmissionsAsst. Director of Admissions
Daniel, Franklin (Danny) fdaniel@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5755StaffHuman ResourcesBenefits Specialist-Retirement
Daniel, Matthew Codding (Matt) mdaniel@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Danner, Matthew Stephen mdanner@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Dapsis, Jacob P. dapsis@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5472StaffFacilities ServicesElectrician, General Maintenance
Dapsis, Patti L. pdapsis@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5334StaffCollege StoreOperations Associate
D'Aquila, Matt mdaquila@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Darling, Margaret J. mdarling@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2309StaffMuseum of ArtMuseum Community Receptionist
Dash, Michael B. (Mike) mdash@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5823FacultyPsychologyAssistant Professor of Psychology
Davico, Michaela E. mdavico@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3136StaffDance/History of Art & ArchitectureAcademic Dept. Coordinator, DANC & HARC
Davidowitz, Cleo Rose cdavidowitz@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Davidson-Turner, KJ kdavidsonturner@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Davies, Jacqueline M. jdavies@middlebury.edu Staff Student Services Director
D'Avignon, Terrence E. tdavignon@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5332StaffDining ServicesProctor Servery/Utility
Davis, Darien J. davis@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3167FacultyHistoryProfessor of History
Davis, Eric L. ericd@middlebury.edu Emeritus Secretary of the College Emeritus, Prof. Emeritus of Political Science
Davis, Erin edavis@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3190FacultyFilm and Media CultureProfessor of the Practice
Davis, Gabrielle T. (Gabby) gtdavis@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Davis, Isabelle Rose idavis@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Davis, James Calvin (Professor) jcdavis@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3221FacultyReligionProfessor of Religion
Davis, John R. jrdavis@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5125StaffGolf CourseCourse Marshall
Davis, Kyoko H. kdavis@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5157FacultyJapanese StudiesSenior Lecturer in Japanese
Davis, Leila E. ldavis@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5485FacultyEconomicsAssistant Professor of Economics
Davis, Lori A. ladavis@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5367StaffDining ServicesBanquet Waiter, On-Call
Davis, Maya midavis@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Davis, Michelle J. mjdavis@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5116StaffDean of StudentsOperations Coordinator, DoS
Davis, Natalie Elizabeth nedavis@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Davis, Peter Emmett pedavis@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Davis, Susan P. spdavis@middlebury.edu (802) 443-7606StaffSnow BowlSnow School Instructor C
Davy, Torre tdavy@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Davydov, Dieuwke davydov@middlebury.edu (802) 462-3234FacultyMusicApplied Music Faculty
Davydov, Sergei sdavydov@middlebury.edu Emeritus Professor Emeritus of Russian
Dawson, Brendan Robert brdawson@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Daylor, Matt mdaylor@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5747StaffOffice of AdvancementDigital Marketing Coordinator
Dayton, Amy Rebecca adayton@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Dayton, Christopher B. cbdayton@middlebury.edu (802) 443-7669StaffSki SchoolSnow School Instructor C
Dayton, Donald R. ddayton@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5125StaffGolf CoursePro Shop Attendant
de Beer, Miranda mdebeer@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
De Biaji Moreira, Maria Luci (Luci) lmoreira@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5292FacultyPortuguese SchoolDirector of the Portuguese School
de la Lama, Carlos cdelalama@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
De La O Abarca, Grecia Paola gdelaoabarca@miis.edu  StudentCook
De La Rosa, Alexis adelarosa@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
de Quant, William Alexander wdequant@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
de Souza, Joao Paulo A. jdesouza@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5796FacultyEconomicsAssistant Professor of Economics
de Wit, Loic Jean-Francois ldewit@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Dean, Elana edean@miis.edu Faculty
Dean, Erica eadean@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Dean-Farrar, Franklin fdeanfar@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5160StaffAthleticsAssistant Director, Athletics for Operations & Events
DeBella, Diane Z. ddebella@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3479StaffCenter for Teaching/Learning/ResearchProfessional Writing Tutor
DeBouter, John Hollingsworth (Jack) jdebouter@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Decker, Jonathan Russell (Jack) jdecker@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
deCourval, Lexa M. decourva@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5412StaffLibraryOffice Mgr. (NER), Circulation Services Specialist II
DeFelice, Joseph P. jdefelice@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3410StaffInformation Technology ServicesMedia Services Spec II
Degolacion, Tel Aviv P. (Tel) tdegolacion@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
DeGraff, Lyn ldegraff@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5777StaffOffice of AdvancementAssoc. Dir. Alum/Parent Prog
DeGray, Rodney J. rdegray@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5367StaffDining ServicesBanquet Waiter On-Call
DeGray, Tae Marie tdegray@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5367StaffDining ServicesBanquet Waiter On-Call
del Cid, Javier E. jdelcid@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Del Giacco, Eamon Matthew edelgiacco@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3002StaffOffice of AdvancementAssoc. Dir., Leadership Gifts
Del Valle, Nathaniel Adrian (Nate) ndelvalle@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
DeLaBruere, Diane ddelabruere@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5367StaffDining ServicesBanquet Waiter, On-Call
Delane, Kelly A. kdelane@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Delaney, Michael J. mjdelaney@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5010StaffAthleticsMAC Swim Coach
Delerme-Brown, Jourdon Sean (Jourdon or JDB) jdelermebrown@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Della Volpe, Alexandra Nicole (Ali) adellavolpe@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Delmas, Amelie Flore Clemence adelmas@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
DeLorenzo, Doug A. ddelorenzo@middlebury.edu StaffAthleticsFront Desk Monitor
DeLorenzo, Gene B. gdelorenzo@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5084StaffFacilities ServicesNight Watchman
DeLorenzo, Kai kjdelorenzo@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
DeLorenzo, Katharine kdeloren@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5422FacultyAthleticsAsst. Director of Athletics/Sr. Woman Admin.; Field Hockey Coach
DeLorenzo, Perry L. pdelorenzo@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
DeLorenzo, Timothy James (Tim) tdelorenzo@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Delphia, David M. ddelphia@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5133StaffPublic SafetyPublic Safety Officer
DeMatties, Edward R. demattie@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5472StaffFacilities ServicesCarpenter
Demong, Peter pdemong@middlebury.edu (802) 443-7669StaffSki SchoolSnow School Instructor A
Dempsey, Joseph Higgins (Joe) jdempsey@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Denby, Alison Haley (Ali) adenby@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Dennis, Abigail L. (Abby) aldennis@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Dennis, Anna Taylor atdennis@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Dennis, David dmdennis@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Denunzio, Elissa Marie (Elissa) edenunzio@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Deol, Aman Tej Singh (Aman) atdeol@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Deol, Amrita Kaur adeol@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Dermon, Ella edermon@middlebury.edu SUMMER GRAD 
Desabrais, Lilah A. ldesabrais@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5367StaffDining ServicesBanquet Waiter, On-Call
Desabrais, Paul Robert pdesabrais@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5367StaffDining ServicesBanquet Waiter, On-Call
Desautels, Tony tdesaute@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5021StaffSciences Tech Support ServicesScientific Machinist
DesBois, Margot Louise mdesbois@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Desforges, Carmen A. cdesforges@middlebury.edu Staff
DeShong, Tyler tdeshong@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
DeSimone, Susan M. sdesimon@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3405FacultyBiologyAssociate Laboratory Professor in Biology
Desmarais, Julia Claire jcdesmarais@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Desmond, Gabriel Laird (Gabe) gdesmond@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Despard, Eric W. edespard@middlebury.edu FacultyMusicApplied Music Faculty
Desrochers, Douglas A. ddesrochers@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3310StaffCommons Office - AtwaterCommons Residence Director
Dessein, Eva Marguerite Suzanne edessein@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3618StaffOffice of the ProvostCurriculum Evaluator
Detora, Daniel L. ddetora@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5244StaffDining ServicesExec Dir Food Svc Ops
Deutsch, Alex adeutsch@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Deutsch, Susan P. sdeutsch@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
DeVine, John Kennedy (Jack) jdevine@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
DeVito, Janie Elizabeth (Janie) jdevito@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
DeVries, Justus J. jdevries@middlebury.edu (802) 443-7669StaffSki SchoolSnow School Instructor A
Dewey, Cameron Goddard cgdewey@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
D'Hauteville, Olympia odhauteville@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Di Benedetto, Pablo pdibenedetto@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Di Iorio, Dennis ddiiorio@middlebury.edu SUMMER GRAD 
Diak, Chris cdiak@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Dianno, Jake Rocco jdianno@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Diaz Cornejo, Itzel idiazcornejo@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Diaz, Bryan Daniel bddiaz@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Diaz, Diana ddiaz@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
DiBianca Fasoli, Allison A. adibiancafasoli@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5640FacultyPsychologyVisiting Assistant Professor of Psychology
Dicara, Caitlin cdicara@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
DiCenso, Sara Elizabeth sdicenso@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Dickerson, Matthew (Computer Science) dickerso@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5460FacultyComputer Science/Commons Office - CookProfessor of Computer Science; Faculty Head, Cook Commons
Dickinson, M. Alison mdickins@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2798StaffFacilities Services-Bread LoafFront Desk Clerk Bread Loaf
Dickinson, Madeleine Sarah (Maddy) msdickinson@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Dickinson, Matt (Political Science) dickinso@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3253FacultyPolitical ScienceProfessor of Political Science
Dickson, Paige L pdickson@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Dicovitsky, Paul pdicovitsky@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5085StaffInformation Technology ServicesNetwork Security Administrator
Diedrich, Danny ddiedrich@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Diego, Daphne A. ddiego@middlebury.edu (802) 443-7605StaffSki SchoolAdmin. Director, Snow School
Diehl, Aimee adiehl@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5052StaffMiddCOREAssociate Director, MiddCORE
Diehl, Kyra N. kyrad@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2456StaffDining ServicesLaundry Helper
Diehl, Stephen scdiehl@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5629StaffCommunications and MarketingNews Director
Diener, Matthew Jacob (Matt) mdiener@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Dietz, Conor cdietz@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
DiGravio, Will wdigravio@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Dikeman, Lane Thornley ldikeman@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Dikuyama, Vanessa vdikuyama@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Dillenbeck, Jason L. jdillenbeck@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5084StaffFacilities ServicesWaste and Recycling Handler
Dillon, Alyssa Lee adillon@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Dillon, Laura Sophia ldillon@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Dillon, Thomas Alvaro (Tommy) tdillon@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Dimgba, Chima Alice cdimgba@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Dineen, Brett bdineen@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Dineen, Meghan Elizabeth (Meg) mdineen@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Ding, Bochu bding@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Ding, Yihao (Lyra) yihaod@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Ding, Yiyao (Derek) yding@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
DiPersio, Julian jdipersio@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
DiPrinzio, Charles Enzo (Charlie) cdiprinzio@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Ditcheos, Tim P. tditchoes@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5962StaffDining ServicesPart-time Servery/Utility
DiTommaso, Fred fditommaso@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Dixon, Baeti M bdixon@middlebury.edu SUMMER GRAD 
Dixon, Nadani ndixon@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Do, Jenny Thanh jdo@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Dobreva, Nikolina I. ndobreva@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5881FacultyFilm and Media CultureVisiting Assistant Professor of Film/Media Culture
Dodge, Dominique B. dbdodge@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5221FacultyMusicApplied Music Faculty
Dohan, Benjamin Russell (Ben) bdohan@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Doherty, Bennett Rockwell bdoherty@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Doll, Ally adoll@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Domingo, Emma Stover edomingo@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Donadio, Emmie donadio@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2240StaffMuseum of ArtCurator/Director, Prog.&Events
Donadio, Stephen sdonadio@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5119FacultyHumanitiesFulton Professor of Humanities
Donahue, David A. (Dave) ddonahue@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3060StaffPresident's OfficeSpec. Assistant to the President and Dir. of Community Relations
Donahue, Emma Dalbey (Emma Donahue) edonahue@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Donahue, Miles mdonahue@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5221FacultyMusicApplied Music Faculty
Donavan-Lafuente, Sofia sdonavanlafuente@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Donelon, Paul Sebastian pdonelon@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Doner, Julian N. jdoner@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5367StaffDining ServicesPart-time Servery/Utility
Doner, Kara Gennarelli kgennare@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5727StaffLanguage Schools AdministrationSystems Specialist, LS Admissions
Doner, Wesley (Dining Services) whdoner@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5367StaffDining ServicesPart-time Servery/Utility
Doner, Wesley (Facilities Services) wdoner@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5084StaffFacilities ServicesWaste and Recycling Handler
Dong, Ningxuan (Sophia) ndong@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Dong, Xilin (Vivian) xdong@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Dongas, Sophia Agness sdongas@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Donnelly, Jaime jdonnelly@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Donner, Bridget Saba bdonner@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Donohue, Brendan Lawrence Koa bdonohue@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Donohue, Carrie L. cdonohue@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3615StaffSciences Tech Support ServicesSciences Purchasing Coord
Donohue, Matthew Edward (Matt) mdonohue@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Donohue, Meaghan M. meaghand@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5367StaffDining ServicesAtwater Steward
Donohue, Robert G. rdonohue@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5994StaffFacilities ServicesMaintenance Project Manager
Donovan, Hannah Grace hdonovan@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Dora, Raymond P. rdora@middlebury.edu (802) 443-7669StaffSnow BowlSnow School Instructor A
Doran, John William (Will) jwdoran@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Doria, Carlisle cdoria@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2792StaffRikert Nordic CenterNordic Center Snowmaker
Doria, Joanna Ying Fontaine jdoria@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2298StaffRetail Food OperationsBanquet/Catering on call
Doria, Jorene K. jkdoria@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2700StaffFacilities Services-Bread LoafFront Desk Clerk Bread Loaf
Doria, Judith F. jfdoria@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2700StaffFacilities Services-Bread LoafFront Desk Clerk Bread Loaf
Dorjee, Tenzin tdorjee@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Dorjee, Tenzin Nyidon tndorjee@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Dorman, David R. dorman@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5554FacultyMathematicsProfessor of Mathematics
Doty, Jacqueline R. jdoty@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5084StaffFacilities ServicesCustodian
Doubleday, Meredith mdoubleday@middlebury.edu SUMMER GRAD 
Doucet, Derek Grand ddoucet@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3108StaffStudent ActivitiesAssoc. Dean of Students for Student Activities & Orientation
Doucet, Rebecca Marie rdoucet@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Doucette, Joanne T. jdoucett@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5632StaffPublic SafetyMuseum Security Monitor
Dougherty, Jim jdougher@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5603StaffTheatreAssociate Technical Director
Dougherty, Trish pdougher@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5013StaffEducation StudiesAcademic Dept. Coordinator, EDST, CLAS, & PHIL
Douglas, James H. jdouglas@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5549StaffPolitical ScienceExecutive in Residence
Dow, Jonathan F. jdow@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2688StaffDining ServicesDining Room Servery Worker
Dow, Paul R. pdow@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5192StaffRetail Food OperationsPM Manager, Retail Food Ops
Dowd, Thomas William tdowd@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Dowell, Kiera kdowell@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Dowling, Jack Robert jdowling@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Dowling, William James (Will) wdowling@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Downey, Priscilla Marie pmdowney@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Downs-Burns, Kim M. kdowns@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5208StaffStudent Financial ServicesAssociate VP for SFS
Doyle, Gretchen Linda gldoyle@middlebury.edu  Student 
Doyle, Kathy kathleend@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5552FacultyEnvironmental StudiesVis. Associate in Science Instruction in Environmental Studies
Dragon, Joseph K. jkdragon@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5250StaffAthleticsChain Worker
Dragon, Krystal kdragon@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2688StaffDining ServicesDining Room Servery Supervisor
Dragon, Mary J. mjdragon@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2688StaffDining ServicesPrep Cook
Dragon, Melissa J. mjd@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5336StaffDining ServicesBaker
Dragon, Ronald M. ronaldd@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2688StaffDining Services1st Cook
Drangle, Christopher Alan (Chris) cdrangle@middlebury.edu Staff BLWC Reader
Draper, Alexander F. adraper@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5806FacultyTheatreAssociate Professor of Theatre
Dray, Gregory Francis Stevens (Greg) gdray@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Drayson, Margot J. mdrayson@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Dreiss, Lindsay ldreiss@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5851FacultyGeographyGIS Teaching Fellow
Drexel, Francisca fdrexel@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3330StaffCommons Office - CookCommons Coordinator
Driscoll, Ian Andrew idriscoll@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Driscoll, Sue sdriscol@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2048StaffLibrarySr Collections Assoc
Druckman, Adam adruckman@miis.edu  StudentRoss
Drummond, India idrummond@middlebury.edu  Student 
Drury, Katrina Gabrielle (Katrina) kdrury@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Dry, Murray P. dry@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5305FacultyPolitical ScienceCharles A. Dana Professor of Political Science
Du, Hang hdu@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5257FacultyChineseAssociate Professor of Chinese
Dube, Michele K. mdube@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5655FacultyChemistry and BiochemistryLaboratory Instructor in Chemistry/Biochemistry
Ducker, Isaac Alan iducker@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Duckworth, Christopher Eskin (Chris) cduckworth@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Duclos, Allan aduclos@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5250StaffAthleticsIce Rink Attendant
Duclos, Mae M. mduclos@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5332StaffDining ServicesProctor Servery/Utility
Dudley, Kyle Lopez kdudley@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5269StaffAthleticsAssistant Coach Basketball
Duenas, Georgina Le (Georgina) gduenas@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Duffner - Myers, Kano J. kduffnermyers@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Duffy, Luke lduffy@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Dugan, John C. jdugan@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5084StaffFacilities ServicesCustodian
Duke, William Angier (Angie) waduke@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Dulaney, Matthew William (Matt) mdulaney@middlebury.edu  Student 
Dulanto, Brian A. bdulanto@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Dulik, Charles Nicholas (Charlie) cdulik@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Dunakin, Ted edunakin@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3637StaffFacilities ServicesMaint Proj Mgr
Duncan-Taylor, Alanna aduncantaylor@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Duncan-Taylor, Jillian-Jo Rachel (Jillian) jduncantaylor@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Dunham, Jeff dunham@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5694FacultyPhysicsWilliam R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Natural Sciences
Dunlap, Emma Britt edunlap@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Dunlop, Brian J. bdunlop@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5613StaffAthleticsAssistant Volleyball Coach
Dunn, Elizabeth Ashley edunn@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Dunn, Juliana Elise jedunn@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Dunn, Langley Margaret lmdunn@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Dunne, Kenny kdunne@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Dunphy, Evangeline Simone edunphy@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Dunton, Lynn A. ldunton@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3085StaffAcademic AffairsBudget Analyst for Academic Affairs
Duong, Vee vduong@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Duprey, Amal C. aduprey@middlebury.edu (802) 443-3636StaffParton Center for Health and WellnessAdmin. Assistant, Athletics
Duquette, Nicole D. nduquett@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5179StaffFacilities Services-Mail CenterMail Clerk
Duracak, Adem aduracak@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5084StaffFacilities ServicesCustodian
Duracak, Sunita sduracak@middlebury.edu Staff
Duran Ruiz, Martha mduranruiz@miis.edu SUMMER GRAD 
Duran, Emmanuel eduran@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Durant, Jesse J. jdurant@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5962StaffDining ServicesPart-time Servery/Utility
Durante, Joseph V. jdurante@middlebury.edu (802) 443-2347StaffInformation Technology ServicesHelp Desk Mgr-Call Ctr/Walk-in
Durante, Tristan K. tdurante@middlebury.edu (802) 443-7605StaffSki SchoolSnow School Associate
Duras, Rebecca rduras@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Durfee, Nathaniel D. ndurfee@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Durfee, Thomas Foster tdurfee@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Durning, Anna Blair adurning@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd
Durst, Matthew Amos madurst@middlebury.edu  StudentAtwater
Durst, Michael E. mdurst@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5210FacultyPhysicsAssistant Professor of Physics
Dutton, Sadie sdutton@middlebury.edu  StudentCook
Duval, Tyson B. tduval@middlebury.edu (802) 443-5178StaffBudget OfficeFinancial Analyst
Dyer, Avery Elizabeth adyer@middlebury.edu  StudentRoss
Dyett, Ella Kate edyett@middlebury.edu  StudentWonnacott
Dykeman-Bermingham, Peter pdykemanbermingham@middlebury.edu  StudentBrainerd

Please contact Human Resources with questions about updating your office or phone information. If you have questions about the Telephone or Voicemail system, please read the Faculty & Staff quick Telephone & Voicemail Reference.

Updates to the Directory need to be made through Human Resources for faculty and staff or through their Commons office for students. These changes will be inputted into the College's master records, from which the Directory pulls its information. Please note that students, faculty or staff making changes to their personal information will not see those changes reflected in the Directory for approximately 7 days.

Information obtained from the Middlebury Directory may not be used to provide addresses for mailings to students, faculty or parents of students. This service is provided for information of the College community and those who have specific interest in reaching individual students or establishing their identity as students of Middlebury College. Any solicitation of business, information, contributions or other response from individuals listed in this publication by mail, telephone or other means is forbidden. Any unauthorized or inappropriate use of the photos or graphics contained within is forbidden.

Technical questions regarding the Directory should be directed to Web Services at: webmaster@middlebury.edu.